Saturday, February 09, 2002

Here is a transcript of the
article that appeared in the
December 14, 2001 issue
of the "Chicago Reader," a
free weekly paper that would
be the city's equivalent to the
"Village Voice." The piece
appeared in the music section,
and it was a "Critic's Choice,"
meaning a suggested show for
the week. Other "Critics' Choices"
that week were Angels of Light
and Strangulated Beatoffs. The
article was written by Liz Armstrong,
who performs as Misty Martinez,
as well as with a number of
other Chicago "no wave" and
noise groups. The article was
illustrated with a photograph of
the group, taken by John
Balistreri, at our August 11, 2001
show with Slogun.

Saturday 12/15, 6Odum
Mark Solotroff formed Bloodyminded, a local "true crime power electronics" trio, in 1995, after his former group, Intrinsic Action, played an anticlimactic final show at a New York S-M event. "It was just a big, silly cartoon with fat, ugly safe-sex geeks," he told an interviewer later. "We immediately talked about how to really take things to the next level." That, apparently, involved yelling sociopathic poetry about death and dismemberment over simple electronic noises. Watching Solotroff sweat bullets, screaming himself red faced with neck veins bulging, you really, really want to feel his pain. But it's pretty tough to be shocked by him if you're already familiar with Boyd Rice or Whitehouse, and in August at the Nervous Center, his delivery of "Chinatown" ("Whole animals hang in windows / Fowl and hog / Skinned and cleaned! / But I need more / I want you / A whole animal / Hanging from a hook / Skinned and cleaned! Skinned and cleaned by me! / Chrysanthemum tea to soothe the head / Ginseng root to stay on top / Skinned and cleaned!") merely cracked the audience up. Afterward he scolded them for the indiscretion. "I don't know when this turned into a comedy routine!" he yelled, which just incited more laughter. In fact it was more like a comedy routine than anything else--imagine an SNL skit where ultraserious leather-clad folks labor strenuously over a single drone or helicopter noise and then behave as if it's the most torturous music ever produced. Bloodyminded are endlessly entertaining--just not in the way they'd like to be. Illusion of Safety headlines. Saturday, December 15, 8:30 PM, 6Odum, 2116 West Chicago; 773-227-3617. --LIZ ARMSTRONG"

There was an obvious disconnect with
the "comedy routine" remark, as there
has always been a tremendous amount
of humor with Intrinsic Action and
BLOODYMINDED. The article illustrates
how power-electronics still manages to
incite strong opinions. I was told that the
article was meant as a sincere recommendation
for people to attend the show, but musical
tastes in Chicago continue to run towards
the ridiculous, and we seem to appeal to
some of that crowd...

Friday, February 08, 2002

(Of interest, and on order...)

Blood: Art, Power, Politics, and Pathology
Edited by James M. Bradburn
280 pp., 200 color illus., hardcover
ISBN 3-7913-2600-7
Prestel Publishing

"Examines of the most powerful and
ubiquitous of human symbols. Illustrated
with art works from some of the world's
most important collections, this volume
shows how changing conceptions of
blood have shaped social relations and
material culture over the past 1,500 years."

"Schirn Kunstalle and Mak.Frankfurt
(the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst) in
Frankfurt are teaming up to present "Blood:
Perspectives on Art, Power, Politics and
Pathology," Nov. 11, 2001-Jan. 27, 2002.
The exhibition, which ranges from Old
Testament blood sacrifice to 20th-century
Blut und Boden, from birth and death to
AIDS and the Genome Project, features
approximately 160 works organized by
Mak.Frankfurt director James M.
Bradburne. The show is sponsored by
Aventis, Deutsche Bank and German
Red Cross; a blood donor van will be
stationed outside the entrance to each
museum -- and a donation wins free
admission to the show. The exhibition
is divided into four sections: "Sacrificial
Blood" looks at Maya blood sacrifice;
"Redeeming Blood" considers the
Christian tradition; "Dynastic Blood"
examines issues of race, inheritance,
identity and marriage; and "Pathological
Blood" features contemporary art. A tall
cylinder filled with 6.5 liters of red fluid -
the amount in an average human -- is at
the opening of each installation.
Contemporary artists in the show include
the Vienna Actionists, Marina Abramovic,
Andres Serrano and Gilbert & George."
( from )
member Pieter Schoolwerth
is featured in the November/
December 2001 issue of
"Flash Art," which is still
available. The article and
interview is illustrated with
some of his recent paintings.
He will have another one-man
show at MC Magma in Milan,
Italy, later this year, quickly
following his October/November
2001 show at American Fine
Arts in New York City.
--- Happy birthday to Ed! ---

Thursday, February 07, 2002

As if I need a reason to go
to NYC in May...


"WINTER reunite for gig!
Fans of Death/Doom-metal
rejoice! Legendary band
WINTER is to reunite for a
gig together with none
other than EVOKEN and
show will take place in
Brooklyn, New York on
May 3rd. No further details
are available at present, but
let's hope WINTER will
reunite for more than just
one gig!"

Some trivia... Intrinsic Action
were originally going to be
label-mates of sorts with Winter.
The "Sado-Electronics" CD was
originally due to be released on
a division of Future Shock, the
label that first put out the
Winter CD "Into Darkness." The
guy who ran the label not only
ripped off Winter, but he disappeared
owing money on licensed U.S.
releases by Godflesh, Bolt Thrower,
and I think Hellbastard. He operated
under the Silent Scream label for
some of these releases. Luckily, we
did not lose any money on the deal,
but it held up the release for about
a year. It would have been interesting
to see "Sado-Electronics" as a jewel
box compact disc, and on cassette,
in 1991.
In any case, the recent digi-pak
re-release of "Into Darkness," with the
bonus tracks from the "Eternal Frost"
CD-single [-thank you Jonathan!], has
sat nicely in a steady diet of Discharge,
Rudimentary Peni, Flux of Pink Indians,
CRASS, and Amebix.
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