Friday, February 22, 2002

<<"True Crime" process pt.1>>

The 10 songs on this compact
disc are comprised of up to 16
recorded tracks each. The
songs typically consist of 11
layers of electronics, as well
as 4 or 5 layers of vocals,
depending on guests. The
recordings were made during
three separate blocks of
sessions in Brooklyn and
Chicago. Upcoming posts
will detail the types of
electronic sound used, as
well as the various guest
artists that contributed
either vocals or sound to
the recordings.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Has the "Bully" DVD turned
up in Toulouse, yet? Well,
it has here. Yes, it has.
A few brief items:

-The Intrinsic Action buttons
are nearly gone. I imagine
that an updated design will
be created to replace them.

should be next.

-I am compiling some details
regarding the BLOODYMINDED
"True Crime" compact disc to
post here. Aside from brief
details that may be included
with catalog e-mails, this
weblog will be the definitive
source for information on the
perpetually delayed follow-up
to "Trophy."

-The spontaneous trip to NYC
to see the Armory Show is off.

-"Vanishing Point"

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Issue 2 of "K48" is out, and
it includes about 200 compact
disc-sized pages of art, writing,
and music related information.
The CD included with this
issue contains music and video
tracks by artists such as A.R.E.
Weapons, Fischerspooner,
Adult, Philipp Virus, and Khan
and Kid Congo Powers. Of
additional interest is the
inclusion of some mid-1990's
artwork by Brooklyn
Pieter Schoolwerth, as well
as text and photographs by
Jocko Weyland, who recently
organized the inclusion of
a series of drawings by Mark
Solotroff for an upcoming
issue of the literary journal
"Open City." [see:]
Issue 12 of "Open City"
included a drawing project
by Pieter Schoolwerth - a
pattern must be forming -
"K48" is edited, in part, by
Bengala, a former Chicago
duo who graciously co-hosted
a few of the first Chicago
in 1997, at the now defunct
Salon Zwerge.