Friday, March 15, 2002

We received great news from Xavier
Laradji this week that the new issue
of "Timeless" is nearing completion.
We have sent him some of the original
(and wonderful!) Intrinsic Action
"Sado-Electronics" band photographs,
taken in Chicago in late 1990 by
Carolyn McKinney, for inclusion in the
publication. A notice will be included
here when "Timeless" is released...
<<"True Crime" process pt.4>>

Information on the "Chinatown" video:
"Chinatown" was written about New
York City's Chinatown, although the
sentiments can be read universally.
The song was originally released on
the BLOODYMINDED compact disc,
"Trophy," and it has been performed
live at several shows. Dan Fiedler, a
friend of the band, created the Quicktime
video, which has been included as a
bonus track on "True Crime." The
footage was primarily (and appropriately)
filmed in Chicago's Chinatown, with Dan
following portions of the song's lyrics for
specific narrative shots. The video was
edited at the Illinois Institute of Art -
Chicago, with rather minimal input and
guidance from the band, as Dan had
done such an excellent job of translating
the mood and the "intentions" of the song.
When the video was finished, it seemed
obvious to us that "Chinatown" would
have to be added to "True Crime," so we
returned to the mastering studio, Alien
Soundscapes, Inc., to remake the master.

Monday, March 11, 2002

<< GOAL5 >>

With the release of "True Crime,"
we are hoping to make a significant
step in record sales, not just for
BLOODYMINDED, but also for
power-electronics, noise,
experimental, and industrial
recordings, in general. For
many years, there has been
an inside joke referring to
"the 1,000." With so many
so-called underground compact
discs and records being pressed
in editions of 1,000 copies, it has
appeared like there are only about
1,000 people, worldwide, making
up the audience for these types
of releases. Vary rarely, it seems,
does a heavy, noisy, or extreme
band break this barrier.
In Japanese noise, Merzbow, and
maybe Masonna, have had the best
track record, and as for power-
electronics-type releases, Whitehouse
and other Susan Lawly compact discs
seem to consistently do well, while for
newer bands, Slogun seems to hold
amazing sales potential. Beyond these
examples, it is the more atmospheric
or gothic-influenced labels, such as
World Serpent and Cold Meat Industry
that are making greater impact in sales.
With "True Crime," BloodLust! is
initiating a new internal campaign
called "GOAL5." We are confident
that the music and the packaging of
this compact disc will help propel
sales beyond "the 1,000," and we
have set an ambitious goal for first
year's sales of 5,000 copies.
<<"True Crime" process pt.3>>

Information on the vocal elements
of this project:
The vocals were recorded in a series
of stages, beginning in early March
1997, in Brooklyn. Layers of clearly
annunciated lyrics were combined
with distorted, guttural, feedback-
laden vocals, and these vocals
were mixed down to two tracks,
which were transferred to the ADAT's
during the June 1997 sessions in
Chicago. During the first Chicago
sessions, a track of live vocals was
added to all of the songs, and the
pre-recorded contribution from
Andrea Chiaravalli (Iugula-Thor)
was transferred to ADAT. During
the December 1998 sessions in
Chicago, the pre-recorded
contributions from John Balistreri
(Slogun) and Jonathan Canady
(Dead World/Deathpile) were
transferred to ADAT, and live
vocals were recorded by Ed Knigge,
his first vocal effort since joining
the band, along with Xavier Laradji
("Timeless" magazine), who was
visiting from Toulouse, France.
An additional layer of live vocals
was recorded for each song during
these sessions, bring the total
number of vocal tracks on ADAT
to either four, five, or six, depending
upon the song, and not counting the
multiple layers mixed down from the
Brooklyn sessions.