Wednesday, June 05, 2002

- The new June catalog update is available
by e-mail. It contains a newly expanded
sale section.
-BloodLust! 013 Dead World "Thanatos Descends" CD
-BloodLust! 021 Mark Solotroff and Sshe Retina
Stimulants "Excellent Manipulation Of Distorted
Tape Death" (4 x cassette box)
-BloodLust! 023 Slogun "The Will To Kill" cassette
-BloodLust! 034 The Sodality "Confusion" 7"
-v/a "The Sound Of Sadism" CD
(Malsonus/Crowd Control)

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

The new issue of "Timeless"
arrived, and Xavier did an
amazing job with it. The
presentation is increasingly
more professional, while the
content remains firmly in
the gutter. The inclusion
of "Libidinal Ramblings" was
a funny surprise. Once
again, the contact address
for this recommended
publication is:

Monday, June 03, 2002

Back from a whirlwind five-day
visit to NYC...
Highlights include:
-"Cremaster 3"
-Neue Galerie - Museum for
German and Austrian Art
-Aimee Beaubien at Marvelli
Gallery (especially for Bellmer fans)
[526 West 26th Street]
-Lovelife and Liars at NorthSix
-"Sunday Afternoon" at 303 Gallery
-Meeting Gary from D.I.R.T.(!?!)
-Teo Gonzalez at 123 Watts
-New Interpol e.p.
-Lee Bul "Live Forever" at
New Museum of Contemporary Art
-The other two apostles, of
course, Pieter and John (THANKS!)