Saturday, July 13, 2002

-Distribution update:
CD will be available through
Cold Spring in England
shortly, and various additional
BloodLust! titles will be available
through Neds in Japan
and Loki Foundation in Germany

Friday, July 12, 2002

-Last night, Isidro, Ed, and
I saw the gravel-throated
Bongzilla, with the ultra-
pummeling Mastodon, a band
whose recordings give no real
indication of just how hard
they are live. High on Fire
headlined, and after a slow
warm up, they delivered the
goods as well as they had
done the previous times that
I have seen them. The show
climaxed with a great cover
of the Celtic Frost song,
"The Usurper." Overall, the
show was a nice antidote to
the more predictable "stoner
rock" shows of late.

-Work continues on the
preparations for B!029. More
details will follow soon.
[Ride the Lightning]

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

-Yesterday evening, it was in
the 90's outside, and in the 100's
inside the Fireside Bowl during
Oops! A Musical War. Although
I was a bit late due to a Paisano
burrito, I finally saw Wolf Eyes,
who do an interesting Suicide/
S.P.K./Brighter Death Now type
of thing, very lo-fi, but with a
sense of humor that might worry
me. Rah Bras were also pretty
low-tech, but they had a more
anthemic, heavy synth-pop
sound (?), I guess. The Flying
Luttenbachers were very heavy
tonight, on the metal, not the
prog tip. Arab on Radar continues
to be the less obvious and more
spastic cousin of the Rapture/Liars/
Radio 4 axis. The Locust played
grindcore with some analog synth,
but they looked like small men doing
a fashion commando version of Bride
of No No. Less than ten seconds
after they finished, Lightening Bolt
made a surprise (well, you could see
them setting up) appearance at center
court, belting out their distorted drum
and bass (the instruments) version
of Neu! on a lot of speed.

-The next BloodLust! compact disc
release, catalog number B!029, was
mastered on Friday at Alien
Soundscapes, on the Chicago River,
in Pilsen. The artwork is currently
being developed for this "yet-to-be-
announced" release, and the pressing
will probably be carried out in late-
July or early-August. More details
will likely follow very soon, via e-mail
announcements and on the weblog.