Friday, January 30, 2004

We have had two more recording sessions for the BLOODYMINDED CD, "Gift Givers," and we now have a very rough mix of the album's ten main songs, without vocals. The five blast songs, which include a re-mix of "A Song for Lisanne, a Young Model" (from the "Mothercare" CD-single), have vocals, and just need a final mix.

The master for the Intrinsic Action "II" CD should be at the pressing plant by the middle of next week. The artwork is complete, and it looks fantastic. Regarding questions about which Intrinsic Action release will be next, it will probably be "Five."

News from Toulouse: Xavier Laradji ("Timeless") has confirmed that he will be joining BLOODYMINDED for our East Coast shows in March. He last performed with us in August 2001.