Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day *FREE* show reminder



Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day

9:30 PM - 21+

Admission is FREE

The Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave.




Another of our 'free Monday' shows, we're pleased to present a program of extreme experimental music featuring avant turntablist JASON TALBOT, power electronics ensemble BLOODYMINDED, damaged lurch and drone outfit VERTONEN and digital deconstructionist INSECTDELI. Our free Monday shows have become one of our biggest and most popular offerings, and it's programs like this one that are bringing the people out.


From the Chicago Reader:

VERTONEN - The drone's the thing for local Blake Edwards, who performs and records as Vertonen. His 2004 album Return of the Interrobang (CIP) was fittingly packaged with all-black artwork--a persistent sense of dread lurks in his hovering electronic 'scapes. "Toroidal Circulation 1 & 2" rolls slowly; crystalline layers of low-end rumble and suspense-film hum create a delicious tension that Edwards refuses to resolve. The more aggressive "Burn the River" plasters rhythmic sequences of sirens, harsh squelches, and splattery white noise over another floor-rattling foundation. This show, which opens a two-week tour, was supposed to coincide with the release of Edwards's third full-length, but the album isn't finished yet. He says this performance will likely favor the sound of "Burn the River" and take advantage of the Bottle's PA to amplify the stomach-churning bottom end. Jason Talbot headlines, Bloodyminded plays third, Vertonen plays second, and Insect Deli opens.



About the bands:
BLOODYMINDED various chancres excised and exercised for your pleasure; these gents have been putting the “yep, that’s loud” in Chicago power electronics since 1995. Their newest CD, Gift Givers, has been bowling over more than a few folks.

VERTONEN Falling down the stairs has never been so entertaining, nor such an aerobic workout.

JASON TALBOT The beast from Boston; armed with a modified turntable, modified records, some cassette machines, processors, and a bucketful of ideas about how to meld them all together.

INSECTDELI Like the most beautiful three-dimensional stutter box attached to a strobe light, driving right at you. Her warm embrace is your police-authorized chokehold.


Last Saturday night, Eyehategod blew through Chicago like a hurricane, sweeping a few of us up to Madison on Sunday. Thanks go out to the band for two intense, amazing shows, as well as for taking care of a bunch of us both nights.

The BLOODYMINDED "Gift Givers" CD is available at Eyehategod's merchandise table, for those of you who may be at one of their shows. Michael William's great new book, "Cancer as a Social Activity," is also available at the shows.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The BLOODYMINDED "Gift Givers" CD will soon be available from Eclipse Records. Please look for their link in the lower-left hand column.