Saturday, September 10, 2005

A quick update on the new BloodLust "private" 7-inch series:
- Pre-orders of the Final Solution single will begin shipping on Tuesday the 13th, slightly ahead of schedule.
- The master for the second installment in the series was sent to the pressing plant this past Thursday. Details of this release will be announced in the October update.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A link to Ul Ni Industries has been added to the "Distributors & Mail-Order services" section. We are happy to announce that select BloodLust! releases will be available shortly through this Human is Filth-related entity.

Monday, September 05, 2005

04 September 2005
The Empty Bottle
Chicago, IL
Alternate Currents: Art by, for, and about music, featuring:
John Olson of Wolf Eye, Dead Machines, etc.
Live music:
Birth Refusal
Mark Solotroff

A cool night, even if everyone was a bit burned out by the epic night before. Things started off with a two-hour, low key reception for Olson and his well-known art, which graces countless (well, almost) American Tapes and Wolf Eyes-related releases. He had a number of multimedia works, on canvas and on paper, hanging across from the bar. I was spinning a mix of old school industrial, minimal synth, death rock, etc. (link to FSTW...? at left, for my play list) until it was time for me to play. I worked my way through a quick set (11 minutes, approximately) of multiple microphone screaming and feedback, similar to the other two solo shows in Detroit and Champaign. As always, doing it through the Empty Bottle sound system makes a nice difference. After a brief change over, Birth Refusal came on, putting their recently acquired organ to work, creating a totally depressing, funereal sound. It was an amazing downer. Deep bass strings created a gut-churning effect, and light horn accents added contrast to the sick, black stew. I DJ'd for another hour, or so, while Olson and Connelly beat a hasty retreat back to Michigan. Major thanks to Olson for asking me to play on his night, and to both him and Connelly, for the much-appreciated ongoing support and enthusiasm. Thanks to Ray Harmon for his help and interest. Thanks to everyone at the Empty Bottle for great hospitality. Thanks to Jessica, Ed, Chris, Baby, and everyone else that showed up. Thanks to Marlene for videotaping and for letting me weasel out of our anniversary celebration for a day (second year in a row).

Chicago, IL
Sword Heaven
Behold! The Living Corpse
Total Recall

Ed Knigge – Synth + Vocals
Chris Mack – Synth
Mark Solotroff – Vocals + Synth

02. “AS IF”
04. “TROPHY”
08. “PRO-ANA”
09. “PRO-MIA”
15. “MANTRA”

Another great, large audience turned up for the show at Nihilist. Total Recall kicked things off with members of the Coughs and Disrobe belting out some synth-heavy, guitar lo-fi cyber-grind that fans of the White Mice would probably be way into. We played next, and even though we shortened the set list some more, we still played for over 20-minutes, somehow. The audience definitely kept the energy going, with only minor, ineffectual dissent from the back. Seeing Alex (Climax Denial) and Shane from Milwaukee, and Olson and Connelly from Detroit… sorry… Ypsilanti, roll in just as we started, was cool too. Alex and Ed had a very tender moment during “Mantra,” then it was time for the special guest DJs to attempt to play a Tarkus song all the way through. During a brief rooftop visit for some air, strains of organ music started filtering through the atmosphere. It was not the ultra-secret DJs, but the long, skillful organ intro for Behold! The Living Corpse. Huh, I guess that it is a good idea to keep one of those things around the loft for just such an occasion. The band pounded out a long, shifting metallic lament that was equal parts extreme and psychedelic. After a bit more vinyl torture from Bruiser and the Kid, Sword Heaven laid waste to the room. It has been said in so many words before, but these two ultra-nice guys morphed into primal blizzard beasts, brewing up an amazing storm that totally makes sense as a cross between “Filth”-era Swans dirges and heavy Wolf Eyes rhythmic noise workouts, but with a very distinctive aesthetic and sense of presentation. Go see them on this tour. Grab their 3” CD on Chondritic Sound if you still can, along with their new tour CD. A special “thanks” and “hello” goes to the guest doorman, R.J. from Right Arm Severed, who totally killed at the door, and who was there with a riddle when someone needed one. Thanks to Andy for hosting the show, as it looked touch and go there for a while. Thanks to all the out-of-towners. Thanks to our friends. Thanks to Marlene for videotaping.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Great night! Excellent, rowdy crowd. Selection of other bands was amazing. Total Recall should keep going if they really are "over," Behold! The Living Corpse beat the audience into submission, and Sword Heaven used the remaining bones and skins to pummel out a brutal, primitive dirge. Tonight at the Empty Bottle should be a blast, too. Full write-up to follow on Monday or Tuesday...

The hurricane/flood benefit should be happening at Enemy on Friday and Saturday, September 16th & 17th. More details here, soon, and check the enemy site in the coming weeks: