Saturday, September 30, 2006

Elastic show - Skull Defekts

- Last night's show at Elastic was great. A large crowd turned up for Olivia Block and Daniel Menche. Olivia is a friend of Andrea Cernotto, formerly of The Sodality, but this was only the first time that I met her and saw her perform. I really enjoyed her set quite a bit. She played a mix of what appeared to be repetitions on a "prepared" (or specially mic'd) piano, combined with field recordings --- possibly of storms (?) - and controlled, subtle waves of interference - noise - feedback. It had a music concrete aspect about it, but my vocabulary for this type of music is definitely lacking. Daniel's set was a lot of fun, and it is great to see someone else who has been at this for a while, screaming, sweating, and making strange faces. I ran into a ton of friends there, older and newer, which was fun. I met one of the Skull Defekts guys, who made a funny Intrinsic Action reference. I am looking forward to seeing them tonight. Although I know that they sound nothing like them, in the late 1980s, I used to be obsessed with the Union Carbide Productions song, "Down on the Beach," off of the "In the Air Tonight" LP. I think that I still have a Radium 226.05 book/journal hiding in a box somewhere. The label was always pretty interesting to me, and it did not hurt that they seemed to be major Stooges worshippers... let alone that they had connection to Leather Nun!!!