Monday, October 09, 2006

Art outings - Mail order

- The rest of the weekend's cultural offerings were far tamer than the Bruno Richard exhibit...

- The Julia Thecla show at the DePaul University Museum had a few very nice canvases (and a good Ivan Albright lithograph), but seeing so many of her pieces at once made me realize how "girly" her stuff is, and how much I dislike most of it.

- The new Redmoon Theater "spectacle" - "Twilight Orchard" - was fun to go to, as it was in Columbus Park, which is even further west than where I live... two miles further! I think that I like the "idea" of what Redmoon does, more than what they actually "do," as their tableaux seem to be increasingly "cutsie." This one really made me long for the much-more morbid and death-tinged Halloween events that they used to do in Logan Square. I can easily see them going on to become a property like
Cirque du Soleil, in the future.


- The Post Office is closed today, and I am busy getting all of the weekend's eBay packages ready, along with all of the pending paid orders for The Fortieth Day cassette, the new Super Eight Loop cassettes, etc. I anticipate making a mail run late tomorrow.


- While sitting at the computer, on and off this weekend, I played some broadcasts from this website that is devoted to Discore/D-Beat type hardcore and crusty punk: