Friday, October 27, 2006


- I went to see some bands with a number of friends in them last night, at a show that was hosted by our pal, Mr. Fuckhead. The show was at Bar Vertigo, the space a few blocks south of The Empty Bottle, where I tried to move autosuggestion to, in vain. After hearing the sound there, I have no regrets that it did not work out. The PA is on par with The Mutiny and The Big Horse (R.I.P.?), and that is not a compliment. It was a chilly, rainy night, but a small crowd of mostly friends of the performers and the host braved the weather and the long night. Julia/Insect Deli played beats/electronics for Meg/Lil' Princess to primarily rap over. I think that Meg's bizarre style of music is kind of an obscene and strange, lo-fi compliment to the old Blast First group, Big Stick. Unfortunately, the mix/PA made it difficult to focus on Meg's lyrics, which I think is the biggest part of her show, knowing her writing, and all. Minotaur played next, with Right Eye Rita on keyboard, violin, and on one song, lead vocals. Again, the three-piece had difficulty with the sound, so I cannot really say too much, but when they gelled, particularly on Rita's intense vocal track, they had an interesting, unclassifiable style... part avant-garde cabaret, part experimental, part heavy metal funk??? Weird. EaVil were the headliners, and while they also battled poor sound conditions, they emerged from another interesting analog dirge intro, to go onto a solid set that came off a bit less upbeat than their recent Empty Bottle set, but which was still full of satisfyingly dark synth pop. They gave me a new demo CD-R that I am eager to listen to later today.