Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wilt cancellation

- I just heard from James Keeler, and unfortunately, Wilt has had to cancel their performance this Saturday at Elastic, due to the death of a close friend. My best wishes go out to James and his friends. Obviously, I will no longer be participating in the show either, but James, Dan, and I, will try to work out a way to collaborate in the near future.

- Although the week continues to be less than fully productive, Isidro and I were able to do a good deal of planning today, as regards The Fortieth Day. Not only are we getting started on our third release, but we are working on additional live performance dates, as well as details for visual collaborations for future events. Some exciting ideas are already starting to emerge.

- Tonight is the Wierd Records compilation release party in New York. Last minute potential attendees may want to click the link at left for details. I so wish that I was going to be there tonight!

- Last night, Jason Soliday and I had a practice session for our upcoming live show. Jason will be changing his equipment around a bit, compared to our June performance, and we have worked out an interesting new progression for how things will flow at Elastic. I think that we have one more practice scheduled before that show happens.

- All outstanding paid mail-order and eBay packages will be in the mail by tomorrow afternoon. That will help to free me up for preparing for next week's release date for the new Bereft 7-inch.