Monday, December 18, 2006

Catching up... Draheim vinyl

- Things have been pretty hectic, but I wanted to mention that I did squeeze in a mail run today, for both eBay and mail-order packages. I still need to catch up on a few more mail-orders, as well.

- Speaking of catching up, I was handed a bunch of recordings at our show last week, which I will try to listen to over the next few days. A quick thanks to Adam from Winters In Osaka, the guy from Rubbish (shit, very sorry to have spaced on your name...), Rococo Records (a beautiful looking 10-inch!), Nicole, Locrian, and Sexual Freedom (shameful looking filth!).

- The Charlie Draheim vinyl has arrived, so I am just waiting for a shipment of sleeves. We should still be on track for a December 22nd release.

More soon...