Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thanks to everyone who came out to autosuggestion03 last night. The turnout was much better this time, so I really appreciate the effort and the support. Thanks to Mister Fuckhead, Magic Missile, Insect Deli, and Climax Denial, along with DJ Ass Damage, for great stuff under less-than-ideal circumstances. I will have more news about this monthly event soon, but in the meantime, you can access general information and photographs from yesterday, via the autosuggestion link at the left.


I realized that I also forgot to post something about last Wednesday's show, so here goes...

Wednesday March 29
The Empty Bottle
Mark Solotroff
Hive Mind
Roxanne Jean Polise

So, despite the positive write-up in the Reader, the turnout was pretty weak. That is bad for (at least) two reasons. One, the show was excellent, so people missed some truly great performances - and Two, The Empty Bottle has been really cool about booking more noise shows, but if people do not support them more heavily, I imagine that the club will be less willing to continue down this road. That would be a shame, because the staff treats everyone exceptionally well and performers typically sound their very best there.

Silvum started off the night on stage, and the big PA definitely worked to Nick's advantage, big time. This set sounded like no other Silvum set that I have heard. Nick still kept it on the subtle side, but the deep, bass-heavy sound was really powerful. I had to go back through my hefty stack of RLE CDs after that one. Triumph.

Roxanne Jean Polise was next, and working from the floor, Steev took his time lulling everyone into a false sense of dreamy safety before unleashing a hell of noise, which he then toned down, before unleashing a final assault on the crowd - and on his table full of equipment. A totally dynamic set!

NC was next, back up on the stage, and she kept her distance from the crowd. I have nothing more to say, other than that Nicole played some very melancholy, dreary guitar chords through some junk gear (tape decks?), and it sounded equal parts depressing and great. More!!

Next, I did my multiple microphone thing on the floor. Feedback was created. I screamed. A miniature pit formed, people were hoisted into the air, and it was over quickly. 4 Real...

Hive Mind. Could Grey top either of his previous big Empty Bottle sets, or his recent No Fun Fest championship? Yes, of course he could. Totally unexpected, though... Hive Mind next level shit... Like cutting through the bass with a machete, shards of high-end frequencies penetrated the mix, adding a greater feeling of intensity to the tried and true HM formula.

After-show tacos at Arturo's with a big crew. Calm, long, late-night-into-morning hang-out in Garfield Park.. Excellent Nuevo Leon lunch action the next day.

Thanks to those of you who supported... Thanks to the staff at The Empty Bottle, for the opportunity and for the great night!