Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bruno Richard

- Thanks to Xavier's reminder, Marlene and I went to the opening of a great exhibit last night. Anyone familiar with, or interested, in Bruno Richard's artwork might want to check this show out. Bruno's work appeared on the cover of The Soldality's "Beyond Unknown Pleasures" LP, and Xavier has included Bruno's art in his Timeless publications. The Elles Sont de Sorties "L'Espace Lyonnais d'Art Contemporain (ELAC)" catalog remains one of my most coveted books!


Exhalted Trash - Patrick Miceli and
Marc Fischer/Bruno Richard

Exhibition: October 7 - December 9, 2006
Private Opening: Friday, October 6, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Book & Paper Arts
1104 S. Wabash, 2nd floor, Chicago, IL

Paper is cheap, abundant and disposed of almost too easily. Patrick Miceli deals with fast food packaging one of the most pervasive uses of our culture’s use of this resource. As such, it is a relic left in the wake of our consumer society. Each of four installations use their own format or strategy to take recognizable materials and recontextualize them. Each scrap of paper can be seen as an archeological keepsake or fetish item.

Paris-based artist Bruno Richard has been publishing books and magazines of graphic drawings, text and photo-based work since the late 1970s. He and Marc Fischer, Chicago-based artist and member of the groups, Temporary Services and Mess Hall, have engaged in mail correspondence since 1998, resulting in a mountainous barrage of detritus that Fischer has received from Richard. Fischer’s archives of Richard’s multitudinous mailed packages have swelled beyond reason. The scraps of paper that provide the source material for Richard’s work, give the impression of a manic energy. This is, however, a controlled concern with one’s obsessions; an aesthetic contrivance that has not lost its authenticity.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mail order + eBay

- All outstanding eBay and mail-order packages were mailed today, not including mail-orders that include paid pre-orders for the new cassette by The Fortieth Day, or for Super Eight Loop 9 and 59, which are all officially out tomorrow. Those packages will be put together over the weekend, but please note that the Post Office is closed on Monday, in observance of Columbus Day. I imagine that I will do a big mail run on Tuesday.

- Recent listening has included near-non-stop spins of Serena-Maneesh - still - along with numerous CDs and an LP, either by Skull Defekts or Joachim and Henrik solo. I have played the recent live Sutcliffe Jugend CD numerous times, too. Post-Celtic Frost, I have been intermittently binging on Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, along with HH/CF worship-or-influenced stuff, including Warhammer, Usurper, and even Cianide, not to mention raw mid-1990s black metal, like Darkthrone and Mayhem. I guess that I really need to get the new Goatwhore CD. I liked Acid Bath alright, and I was really intrigued by the glitter/glam related project, Agents of Oblivion. I want to delve into more Mexican and South American stuff that I have not played in ages, to see if it still has a strong Frost connection for me. Also on the pop side of things, there is a mix CD in Marlene's car with two consectutive tracks that I constantly seem to scan back to... Phoenix "Long Distance Call (25hrs a Day remix)" and Fiery Furnaces "Here Comes The Summer"... both songs have rather pretty, melancholy lyrics, hidden in nice pop tunes. Goodbye summer, really...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bad Internet

- Apologies for the brief disappearance, but my Internet connection was knocked out early Monday morning, and the big storm in Chicago last night did not seem to help. Things appear to be back to normal, as of now, and I should be all caught up with mail-order requests and eBay invoices. I will start adding new stuff to eBay tomorrow.

- Tonight, there was another meeting with the Animal Law folks, this heavy rock/sludge band that I am starting to work with. Due to people's schedules, etc., there will probably not be a lot of progress over the next month, or so. This is okay, as it will give me time to start messing around with lyrics, and it will allow Isidro and I to continue moving forward with the developing A Vague Disquiet tracks.

- Speaking of AVD, Pieter is off to Germany, Wednesday morning, with a few lucky Wierd Records artists, bound for a record release party and show, as part of Friday and Saturday's Neon-Welt Festival at Discothek Zwischenfall in Bochum. Sadly, Isidro and I could not join them for this extravaganza... Also, there is an AVD track on the Wierd MySpace page (link at left), for those who want a sneak peak of the sleazy, out-of-sync, lower lifestyles...

- Isidro and I went to see Destroyer 666 and Cianide last night. Fun show. Pretty intense. There was a major old-school trash and death metal element to the night. Lots of guys were wearing matching, really oversized, sleeveless denim jackets, with backpatches, and with numerous smaller band patches all over them. The weirdest moment of the night, however, was when I saw a huge skinhead in a Skrewdriver "Hail The New Dawn" T-shirt hug a metalhead in a Napalm Death T-shirt with the fetus image ("Mentally Murdered"?). That only could have been topped if the N.D. shirt was the "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" design. And it was the end of Yom Kippur, even!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

- The October update was posted on the catalog page and it was sent out to everyone on the mailing list. Thanks to everyone who already replied enthusiastically about The Fortieth Day!

Skull Defekts

- The Joachim Nordwall - Henrik Rylander - Skull Defekts show last night was really cool. For the most part, sound was generated either by a small piece of custom built modular analog equipment, or by feedback loops running through ten tiny mixers. Additional field recordings were added into the mix at points, too. Jochim started the night off with a 30-minute set of minimal-but-strong analog tones, accompanied by a rather strange DVD projection of treated still images of him in the studio, with the repeated text, "I Am The Fire." After a quick break, Henrik played a 30-minute set utilizing feedback loops, and subtly manipulating the frequencies. Finally, after another quick break, the two played a 45-minute set, combining forces, and allowing minimalist pulses to occasionally act as a very stripped down rhythm. The crowd at 6Odum was almost totally unfamiliar looking to me, and I realized that I had not been to a Lampo event since John Duncan played there in 2003. Joachim and Henrik are both ultra-ultra-nice guys, and I ended up hanging out at 6Odum for an hour, or so, after the show, joining the performers and the organizers/hosts in an elegant Perrier Jouet toast, something that needs to happen more often at shows! Thanks to Praveer for making sure that I went to the show... I am sorry that you could not make it down for the weekend...