Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday, December 08, 2006

Charlie Draheim test pressings

- The test pressings for the Charlie Draheim 7-inch were delivered by UPS last night, just as I was heading out the door for Animal Law practice. I played a copy today, several times, and I compared it to the CD master. I am thrilled with how well it turned out on vinyl! I approved the test this afternoon, so the pressing should be ready in seven to ten days...

The man in action during his last show in Chicago:

BLOODYMINDED in today's Reader

There is a write-up about next week's show in the new Reader, accompanied by a photo of us that was taken by Ben Syverson. Thanks to Ben, for letting us use the image, and thanks to J. Niimi, for the continued interest.

BLOODYMINDED, LOCRIAN Mark Solotroff, former Intrinsic Action power-electronics sleaze and current front man of BLOODYMINDED, has been making vulgar noise in Chicago for more than two decades now. Bloodyminded's latest release, Phases: Two (a limited CD-R on Solotroff's Bloodlust! label), is an abstract phalanx of targeted nastiness. The band applied what Solotroff calls "source control processing methodology" to live material from a recent tour, and the result sounds like a pack of snarling garbage disposals straining against their leashes. Local duo LOCRIAN specialize in electric ambient improvisation, playing the architecture as much as they do their guitars, old synths, and microphones--the sounds unfold differently in different spaces. They abuse their amplifiers with unusual sensitivity, caressing feedback into lovely musical shapes--one track on the recent self-released Chladni is called "Amps Into Instruments." Bloodyminded headlines; Locrian, Oakeater, Wilt, Sexual Freedom, and Death Factory open. 9 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, 773-276-3600 or 866-468-3401, $7. --J. Niimi

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Intrinsic Action on eBay - redux

Another copy of the Intrinsic Action "Manhattan Power Surge" 7-inch is up on eBay - listed HERE - at a very reasonable $2.99. I think that this seller briefly distributed my stuff in the mid-1990s, so this is probably leftover stock.

S8L Glitch

- Please note that there are some serious glitches in the B-Side of the master for Super Eight Loop 62, so I need to correct that before sending out orders. I hope to be able to re-master it within a day, or so. I apologize for the short delay that this will cause in fulfilling orders...

Busy, busy, busy...

- Things have been pretty nutso, trying to get all of this month's releases coordinated, getting orders packed up, and preparing for next week's BLOODYMINDED show at The Empty Bottle. This will be our last show - at least in Chicago - until the end of March. Clearly, over the last two-plus years, we have been hitting it very hard here with live shows, so it seems like a good time to take a break to re-group a bit.

- Jason Soliday and I are currently reviewing the recordings of our two collaborative live performances (June 29/November 21) for possible use in a release that was recently offered to us. More details on that as things develop...

- On Tuesday night, I did a lengthy interview for Collective Voice, the Canadian weekly syndicated radio show
that has included BLOODYMINDED on some recent broadcasts. The interview will be used as part of a spotlight on our work, tentatively scheduled for January 2007.