Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mexico City Update 3

Beyond Belief!

Last night was definitely one of the top five BLOODYMINDED shows ever!!! Under Kabarett was such a great space... a classic goth-industrial club... when we walked in, the first that I saw was a large Bauhaus mural on one of the walls. Game on. The crowd was absolutely amazing. They looked great, and people were so cool. They were so responsive, too. I thought that the Chicago crew might have to kick-start things a bit, but the locals were totally ready, screaming right away, cheering, raising their hands... Insane!!! The mix of bands/performers was great... heavy breakcore, power-noise, experimental noise... The night could not have gone better.

We left the club at about 5:00 AM, and went with a group of about a dozen people to yet another great taqueria, with outdoor seating and a delicious varient on a taco/tostada, called a volcan. The ride home to our hotel was completely beyond insane. We were piled into a Honda Accord coupe, racing through the streets at 6:30 AM, listening to Mad Professor, running red light after red light, when suddenly a police car pulled into the intersection. We nearly broadsided it, and the guy driving us just bolted! Our speed increased as we wound through traffic and along various side streets, finally outrunning or just losing the cops. What a way to end the night. The ride to the club took about 30 minutes, but that race home only lasted about 10.

Tonight is show two... My god, how can we up the ante???

For now, we are off to El Chopo, the big Saturday heavy metal and punk outdoor market...