Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tour Update

We are taking a short breather in Columbus, OH, waiting for rush hour to die down, before we go to Columbus.

Monday night was a lot of fun in Saint Louis, even if the crowd was really small. Apop Records was great to discover in person... walking in and immediately seeing copies of TIMELESS magazine... releases on WIERD Records... tons of frinds' stuff.

Thanks to Dustin and Tiffany for having us. Thanks to Jeremy/Ghost Ice, for setting up such a massive wall of amps!

Josh Levi started out the night with a solo Worm Hands set that was brief and right to the point... electronics and bass guitar blended to fully kick the night into gear. I was up next and the array of amps allowed for a great range of feedback tones. The volume level actually knocked me backwards and one point and causedmy ears to "pop" as if I was on an airplane. David was up next and illuminated by a single red bulb, against an old stone wall, he immediately set to work at the easy (for him) task of hypnotizing everyone. He sounded amazing.

We appreciated those die-hards who came out on a Monday night, and who supported the show and the merch table, too!

We drove off and A Beautiful Machine ruled the night...

Last night, Lexington was everything it should be, minus the usual trip to Paradise City. There still were casualties, though.

Walter Carson started off the night with a great - and very brief - set of mixer feedback, executed with great aplomb. Jason Schuler of Cadaver In Drag (NEW ALBUM BEYOND RULES!!!) played an excellent set blending tapes, electronics, and vocals, building up the audience's anticipation before climaxing with a great burst of energy. The Little Penguin... ha ha... not Chilly Willy, though. Caves was up next, and for last night, Ben left the guitar at home and played a truly nuanced and amazing set of slowly building and shifting electronics. Those three sets would have made for a great, full show. I came on next and did my thing. I thought that it was so-so. The feedback kind of maxed-out too quickly for my tastes, but it ended well. David brought the magic, yet again. Another flawless set by him.

Add in a Gumbo Ya Ya dinner, a nice lunch with 2/3 of Hair Police, and Ben, as guests of Mr. Schuler, and you have another memorable trip to Lexington all wrapped up.

On to Cleveland...