Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Newcastle, and such...

Tuesday November 27

So, after a good night's sleep and a nice shower at Al's --- I was washing when the cabinet came away from the kitchen wall... fuck! --- James and I piled into the back seat of Lee's estate car (a station wagon, to us) - with Nicola - and we headed to Newcastle. Here is where we must publicly thank Lee, George, and Nicola, for kindly allowing us to hijack their tour... We stopped at Lee's place, across the Tyne, in Gateshead. While Lee and George sorted out additional amps, etc., for that night's gig, Nicola, James, and I, walked around the neighborhood, looking for a place to eat. We ended up at THE BIG FISH... I think maybe an Egyptian-run fish and chips place... where for a bit more that 2.50 Pounds, I got a massive Styrofoam takeaway container filled with a mountain of chips, covered by a mountain of kebab meat (doner), covered by a mountain of red chili sauce --- advertised as a "reasonable" amount. This was a gut buster... I finished it that day... but not the next...

That night's show was at the Chillingham Arms, a pretty nice pub and restaurant, in Newcastle. Lee did a great job getting it set up, promoted, etc. We played upstairs, in a private function room. What can I tell you? It was a chilly night. The crowd grew to be quite solid. Total sausage party. The lovely gentlemen from Blythe drove down. We met a lot of really nice guys - and we finally met the increasingly legendary Noisebastard.

Brothers Yemen opened the night with a lot of gear set up on the floor, and performed a carefully constructed set that veered closer to drone than noise... an excellent start to the night. Seppuku were up next, and rather than repeat the more doom-metal based set from the night before, the band launched into a far different type of assault, with Al literally launching himself into the audience, across some tables that were strewn with pint glasses, sending glass shattering all over the place. It was over before we knew it. Amazing! Who cleaned up all of the glass? The Blythe boys. Very good of them.

Inseminoid issued another great set that night... not resting on their laurels from the night before... and likewise, the Fecalove set seemed to up the ante a bit, from Glasgow.

Our set was - yet again - very loud! Thanks, Lee! During our performance, Noisebastard had a good mosh/roll around with another guy... I momentarily jumped in, then thought the better of it... I also witnessed him spray/inhale ASDA-brand knock of Lynx body spray. Wow.

We finished off the night by grabbing some pizza at an Indian takeaway and heading back to Lee's place in Gateshead.

Brothers Yemen:
(I could not find a site for them)

More to come...