Friday, July 06, 2007

More eBay

I put up more auctions today and I will continue adding items over the coming days...

E-Mail Issues

So, it looks like I am still having mysterious e-mail issues. I do not seem to be able to receive messages that are replies to my original e-mails. I seem to have some sort of filter against myself, but I cannot detect it. If you are expecting a response from me, please try to send me a fresh e-mail, removing any of my messages from the body. I hope to sort this out ASAP and I appreciate everyone's patience.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fugue State Reviewed

Lisa just forwarded a nice review from the Fugue State festival to me:

eBay, Again

I am starting to add new auctions to eBay, after a long layoff. I am beginning with metal, but all sorts of stuff should make its way into my auctions...

Christian Wierd Review

From Pieter:

VR WIERD Compilation Review by biggest US "Lefty" Christian mag...WIERD, P.

Monday, July 02, 2007

July 2007 Update

The July 2007 Update has been posted to the catalog page and will be sent out to the mailing list today.

Fugue State

The Fortieth Day
"Fugue State"
The Empty Bottle
Chicago, IL
June 30, 2007

Saturday night's show was a lot of fun. I could tell during sound check that we were going to be pretty massive sounding. Hearing Isidro's bass rumbling over the Empty Bottle's PA system was really cool. I am sorry that I missed the Friday night bands and visuals (particularly, Lisa's "alternate" program with Haptic), but I was dead to the world, having just returned from the trip. Saturday's line-up was quite interesting, and David Daniell's new composition for a 12-piece group was really beautiful. Save for the rather archaic-looking video projector, which konked-out for about half a minute during our set - I guess that it could not handle Lisa's intense visuals! - things went very smoothly, and from the sounds of the MiniDisc recording, we played a nice, slightly more dynamic set, with a solid build-up, some audible "changes," a dense central portion, and a nice semi-melodic synth-based finish. Thanks to Chris and Jeremy of The Number None/Rebis, for asking us to be a part of the program. Thanks to everyone at The Empty Bottle, for making it so easy to play, as always - especially Tony, for the great sound - and Allison, for keeping the Joy Division flowing. Thanks to all of our friends who were there to support.

P.S. Our next confirmed scheduled show is August 21st...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

New DF Photos

Here are a few more photographs from the first night in Mexico City, just sent to me by Sergio Sanchez (Ruido Horrible) - plus a fourth one that I poached from his site:

Mexico Recordings

Here is how the first show starts:

"Okay. We're BLOODYMINDED from Chicago, Illinois 60680 USA. Probably never been more IN THE MOOD before..."