Saturday, August 18, 2007

More BLOODYMINDED Video From Mexico On YouTube

Sergio Sanchez from Ruido Horrible was kind enough to add six more videos of BLOODYMINDED at Under Kabarett, in Mexico City, on June 22, 2007:


"Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - Aids Ward"

"Within The Walls"


"Two Drops Of Blood"

"Blind Fury"

Check out Sergio's YouTube pages, here:

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Photos From Last Night

I will write more about the show, ASAP, but for now, a quick t hanks to all of our friends who came out to support us. It helped with such an intense, and fairly hostile crowd. We really had a great time playing at Subterranean. All of the "sound" horror stories that I have heard from bands who play there - and even what I have heard when I have seen shows there - were of no consequence. The sound guy got us going loud and clear. The rumbling in my legs from the subs was fantastic.

A photographer named Kyle King took lots of photos of us, and I have posted a number of them on Flickr:

Check out Kyle's MySpace page, too, if you get a chance:

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MySpace parodies, etc.

Well, as I have now learned, MySpace has some interesting results when searching for BLOODYMINDED:

To go along with Chicago's Permanent Midnight (from what I have been told, at least), St. Louis now has a new BLOODYMINDED parody/tribute band - online, at least - called Scalped. The lyrics actually seem way more Whitehouse-y to me, but the intent is pretty clear:

Then there is a relatively new fan page, here: I saw another one like that, but I cannot put my finger on it [edit:], at the moment. But it all goes downhill after "Ruth" - these parody, tribute, whatever, pages never seem have any friends... Ha ha!



(Edit: Delayed post from last night???)

I just got back from my weekly Animal Law practice. We are probably going to do a shorter set at the next show - with Fat Worm Of Error and Youth Of The Beast (Andy from Raccoo-oo-oon) - as Lovely Little Girls just got added to the bill, which is cool.

Tomorrow is a run through for the upcoming The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush show.

We (BLOODYMINDED) are also getting ready for the Dropdead show on Wednesday.

The MySpace thing has kept me pretty busy over the last 24 hours, too. Thanks to everyone who sent a request, a message, a comment, or whatever...

All mail-orders and eBay wins are up-to-date after a quick Post Office run tonight.