Friday, September 14, 2007

Saturday 9/15 BLOODYMINDED at Milwaukee Noise Fest

FTAM presents: The 2007 Milwaukee Noise Fest

Over the past year, Peter J Woods and FTAM have been bringing Milwaukee some of the best experimental concerts the city has seen in quite a long time. From last years noise fest to now, FTAM has presented numerous concerts for some of Milwaukee’s and the Midwest’s weirdest and most obscure performers. To continue in this tradition, FTAM proudly presents the 3 day Milwaukee Noise Fest, featuring seventeen artists from across the state, the Midwest (which proudly includes the legendary BLOODYMINDED) and the country. Here are the details:


Haggerty Art Museum (13th and Clybourn, on the Marquette Campus)
5:00 Door, 6:00 Show
All Ages

Slow Owls- Formerly known as Mildew, Slow Owls is one of the cities most experienced noise performers. Ranging from all out harsh to slow drones, this performer always brings a new, psychedelic twist on what can quickly become a cliché filled genre.

Sonic Typewriter- Although fairly new to Milwaukee’s noise scene, Sonic Typewriter have quickly made a name for themselves by presenting some of the most energetic lo-fi harsh sounds the city has seen. Screeches and wails break through the silence as a punk aesthetic returns to experimental music.

Rex Winsome- Better known for his work within Milwaukee’s underground theatre community (as a founder of the Insurgent Theatre Company), Rex has crafted a unique and extremely physical, lo-fi approach to his noise. Guitars will fly and eardrums will be shattered.

Nummy- Nummy holds the honor of being both the youngest and the only all-female project in the entire festival. This also marks her world debut. Born out of synth-pop stylings and art school kitsch, expect a unique and utterly strange performance.

5:00 door, 6:00 show
Haggerty Art Museum (13th and Clybourn, on the Marquette Campus)
5:00 door, 6:00 show
All Ages

Mouths- A Milwaukee experimental super group comprised of Jon Mueller (of Polyvinyl’s Pele and Collections of Colonies of Bees, as well as the owner of Crouton Music) and Jim Schoenecker. Quiet, well-constructed drones serve as the foundation for this group, using subtlety as opposed to the usual ear-shattering racket.

Anal Hearse- Drawn out harsh synth sounds folding in on themselves, providing a desolate soundscape the audience has to pull itself through. AH’s James Moy has made a name for himself mainly though his work with the influential Bloodyminded and also by running the Expectorant Records label.

Silvum- Formerly hailing from Illinois but now hailing from North Carolina, Silvum has become one of the most well respected drone artists in the country. Quiet, gentle soundscapes, which utilize elements of electronic music and musique concrete.

Epicycle- Better known for running the Lemp Art Center in St Louis, Mark Sarich’s Epicycle pulls more from performance and static art than it does from the noise underbelly. Focusing on charged pieces of political commentary, Epicycle has become one of the more intelligent projects in the Midwest.

Reptile Worship- New on the scene, RW hails from all over the state (Milwaukee, Madison and Oshkosh to be specific). Releasing their debut album in the near future, dynamic crawls to climatic peaks, which then fall to complete silence, provide the outline for compelling works of this groups brand of avant-garde music.

Darling Hall (601 S 6th St)
6:00 door, 7:00 show
All Ages

Bloodyminded- Words cannot describe the impact Bloodyminded and the groups lead vocalist Mark Solotroff have had on the world of underground music. This Chicago group has been one of the most influential and important power electronics groups in the world, much less the country, for their extended career. Beyond their captivating, confrontational, and energetic live performances, Solotroff has also performed as a solo artist, a member of The 40th Day and runs the Bloodlust! record label. Having this group perform at the fest is beyond an honor.

Ghost Ice- After releasing only one tape and never touring, St Louis’ Ghost Ice has managed to make a name for himself on a national level by the sheer impact of his live performances. Carefully crafted works of harsh noise from home made synthesizers provide for a dynamic live show.

Climax Denial- Almost unknown in Milwaukee, Climax Denial has been making a huge splash on the national scene since he joined the hugely influential Hospital Productions roster (run by Dominic Fernow of Prurient). One of the featured performers at this year’s No Future Fest, C.D. brings a heavy industrial style, which fits right in with the Midwest sound.

Raperies (like Draperies)- The noise moniker of FTAM’s own Peter J Woods. R(LD) has been one of the fastest growing names in the national scene and was one of the featured performers at the Eugene Noise Fest this may, combining the avant-garde sound of modern classical with the old school industrial, power electronics stylings of mid-80’s tape culture.

Porcelain Dorsal Fin- The closest thing we have to the “Japanese style” of harsh noise (Merzbow, Massona, Government Alpha, etc.), PDF provides a straight ahead harsh sound. Feed back assaults combined with self-loathing howls attack the audience until they give in. And the best part? It’s all done by a bearded guy in a skirt and rainbow stockings.

Is- One of the highlights from last years Milwaukee Noise Fest, this Chicago performer returns to show off his west coast influenced harsh attack. Having performed across the country for the past year (including the NorCal Noise Fest in California and the No Future Fest in North Carolina), expect an energetic and dynamic performance from one of the Midwest’s best.

Charlie J Moneybags- Youth in its most energetic and unabashed form. CJM has been tearing it up down in St Louis, playing with national acts from across the country in both the punk and noise scenes. The unofficial house band of the Lemp Arts Center, each performance by Charlie is better than the last, so by the time he makes it here, who knows how good he will be (or what he will sound like).

Patient- John Engman is better known as the drummer for Milwaukee’s grindcore goofballs Foetopsy and a former member of Brodequin, but has slowly been honing his noise sound. This will mark his first live noise performance in a few years, but expect to have your ears blown out by a harsh, power electronics assault.

Please visit
or contact Peter Woods
Phone: 414-861-7216

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Mexico City Photos

Isidro just let me know that our friend Omar posted new photos of BLOODYMINDED from Mexico City on his MySpace page:

Mammal Approval

The Mammal 7-inch test pressings were approved yesterday and the records are now in production. With some luck they may even sneak in a bit early...

Adding to eBay

I am slowly starting to unpack more boxes and add more auction items to eBay, again:

Last Night at Mr. City

I went to a show Mr. City, last night, expecting to see/hear great sets from Oakeater and Kites - which of course, I did... and as an added bonus, I got my head torn off by a previously unannounced Ghost Ice appearance... Jeremy played a completely amazing set... and I still get to see him again on Saturday, in Milwaukee! It was a really fun night, and lots of friends were there, too... A nice noisy break from the steady diet of David Bowie and Alice In Chains CD that I have been on...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mammal Test Pressings

The test pressings for the forthcoming Mammal private series 7-inch have arrived and are being evaluated prior to approval. First impressions show the mastering to be loud and clear... more details soon...