Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I just posted a few of Lori's photos from last night on my Flickr page.

Thanks to everyone who came out... and stayed! It was a pretty amazing crowd for a rainy Tuesday night... about as many people as at the Yeh/Wiese show from a few months back.

Great to play with Bongripper again. Total psychedelic mindfuck. BLOODYMINDED will be playing with them in February, at the Empty Bottle. Excellent to see Al-Thawra in action, even with their last minute equipment scramble, etc. A truly interesting hybrid of anarcho/crusty punk, grindcore, and Arabic music. Daily Void did fast and tight sci-fi punk... Chrome meets Rudimentary Peni meets Saccharine Trust... maybe? Setting us up for a real "suck the air out of the room" sort of scenario, which thankfully did not happen. This was our tightest set yet, definitely making up for the problematic set at The Note.