Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Status - 01/22

- I am back in Chicago

- I have a lot of e-mail to attend to

- I will try to do a Post Office run within the next day or two, to catch up on mail orders

- Pieter's opening was amazing, and it was great to see so many friends there. Between Wierd on Wednesday and the gallery and the after-party on Sunday, it was so cool that people made the trek in, from rather far away, to support Pieter and me

- While I was in New York, I was pleased to hear what will hopefully become the tracks for a private series 7-inch by Martial Canterel

- I am wrapping up the initial work on the first release in an exciting series of archival CD EPs from Sleep Museum

- At Pieter's opening, Ken and Brandon from Terrible Eagle (and Indian Jewelry, etc.) handed me a CD-R of edits from our Saturday recording session in Long Island City. We all seem to be pretty pleased with the results, and we are discussing what we might want to do with the material. My vocabulary seems a bit limited, in terms of describing it, but after listening to it at Pieter's studio, Alex from Climax Denial used the term, "aggro trance"

- I will be performing solo at the 517 Noise Fest, in Lansing, Michigan, on Friday night