Thursday, March 06, 2008

ANIMAL LAW - Friday March 7

Please join us for our seventh live outing. This time we will crowd the stage at Hotti Biscotti - a venue known by some as the successor to The Nervous Center - on a rather varied bill of noise, digi-grind, experimental, breakcore, etc.

Friday March 7, 2008

Hotti Biscotti
3545 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Time: 9:00 PM



Animal Law

Xrin Arms


Right-Eye Rita

Sir Vixx


"Animal Law is what happens when five guys who primarily operate within the experimental, noise, and avant-garde rock scenes (Blake Edwards of Vertonen, ssseepage, Burrow, Series Founders, Crippled Insectual; Geoff Guy of Sexual Freedom, Gary Glitter Hard Drive, ex-Gays in the Military; Dylan Posa of Three Cheers for One Dead Man, ex-Cheer Accident, ex-The Flying Luttenbachers, ex-Bobby Conn; Jason Soliday of I Love Presets, Behold! The Living Corpse, Coeurl, Gunshop, Mora; and Mark Solotroff of BLOODYMINDED, The Fortieth Day, ex-Intrinsic Action), combine forces to play some form of laboriously slow, heavy metal dirge. While the band may cringe at the use of comparisons, references have already been made to (early) Swans, Khanate, Bauhaus, Harvey Milk, Joy Division, The Goslings, My Bloody Valentine, Flipper, Saccharine Trust, Einsturzende Neubauten, etc. On top of that, most of their compositions are purportedly love songs"