Sunday, May 04, 2008

Psychedelic Marathon

Another difficult night of choices, last night... After an enjoyable evening at "Applebees" --- AKA Druids of Huge BBQ zone --- including a weird jam from 1/2 of Tyler John Lyer (I think) on guitar and Sam Boner on keyboard, followed by a hits-the-spot set from Clevelander Phil Grimaldi (AKA Percolator)... and an awkward joke telling session in the kitchen... I had to miss the related show at Hotti Biscotti --- and, with great regret, Indian Jewelry at the Hideout... sorry Brandon!!! The result was a trip to the Abbey Pub for a super-tight set from Plastic Crimewave Sound, a totally rousing performance by Velcro Lewis and his 100 Proof Band, which included a pulled-pork sandwich solo... technically not a solo, though, as Velcro shared the sandwich... and then... what might have actually totaled-up to a two-hour (!) mind-blower by Dead Meadow. "Old Growth" has been playing pretty non-stop, here, for the past few months, and it was really great to hear songs from that album played live --- let alone the other well-chosen, crowd-pleasing older tracks. This had to have been the 6th or the 7th (or more???) time that I have seen them and they never fail to disappoint me.