Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Vibrations

Thanks to everyone who came out to yesterday evening's show! At least the rain stopped - finally - in plenty of time. A smallish crowd, no doubt due to it being a Sunday - the last night of the five-day run of the Wire magazine Adventures in Modern Music Festival at the Empty Bottle - and the Noah's Ark level of rain that we had been having in Chicago.

Rita, Bruce, and I went on first. It was a bit unsettling to play in daylight, even if it was post-rain grey. Still, the skyline looked amazing. Things went very smoothly for us. I have had this specific collaboration in mind for over a year, so I was pleased to finally see it through. Having done two shows with Bruce, already, I pretty much knew what to expect. In practice, I knew that Rita's voice was sitting in a nice contrasting/complementary place to our lower vocals. We definitely went in a chanting/"ritualistic" (?) direction, before building up to a thicker, heavier sound, then finally stripping it down, part by part.

Nate and Rodger weaved in and out of solo and collaborative moments, and speaking of contrasts, Nates heavily bass-driven, earthy synth/electronics sat really nicely with Rodger's higher end, more spaced-out theramin and samples. Hopefully, between Rodger's and my attempts, we got a decent recording of their performance, but no way in hell will it capture the bass-rumble that Nate slowly evolved into.

Special thanks to Marshall and Ben at AV-aerie, for hosting the event. Thanks to Kenny, for the amazing sound... and for bringing the cool Korg Stage Echo to try out on my voice (with Animal Law in mind, too).

A big group (extended Michigan crew with Sick Heath and P.E. Paul) headed over to the Empty Bottle, right away, to see Dead Machines. Intense blender action. Fuck?!? Some of us stayed and some may have made their way north to El Gato Negro, but who knows?

Tasty brunch at San Juan Pozoleria... it's not over yet... Backyard party but I'm stuck at my computer, doing work.

(A crap cellphone shot of Nate and Rodger)