Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boris / SRS

The ultra-busy holiday weekend continues... I accompanied Maestro Sshe Retina Stimulants to Boris last night at the Empty Bottle. It was a popular, sold out show but it left me as non-committal about that band, as ever. I remember enjoying "Absolute Ego" when it first came out in the USA but I have been iffy about them ever since. They had so much amp power onstage -- almost Jucifer-esque, visually -- so when the slow and heavy songs really kicked in, the venue seemed to skake at its foundation... Those tracks were pretty outstanding. But the faster, straight ahead (garage) rock songs were pretty generic to me. Clouds were terrible -- and I had flashbacks to a god awful Cave In show at the Fireside Bowl years ago... I definitely enjoyed Poison Arrows. They made me miss Atombombpocketknife, as they retain certain aspects of ABPK's sound... maybe mixed with a bit of Girls vs Boys (or dare I say New Wet Kojak?). All in all, a fun night out.

NG5361 and I made a Kuma's run tonight to keep the theme going... Now I am looking forward to laying the new SRS LP on the turntable...