Monday, December 29, 2008

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I got a copy of the new Sex Vid "Communal Living" 12-inch in the mail this weekend (thanks, Judd!). Holy fuck... after seeing them this past summer -- summarized here -- and not having snatched up any of their ultra-collectible (there is a DOM pun in there) releases, I was curious about what they would sound like on vinyl. Simply brutal. Whether it is that they live up to their live sound on record or that they live up to their recorded sound live - I can only attest to my brief exposure to the band -- the intensity really comes through on this eight song mini-LP. Highly recommended.

Cold Cave "Painted Nails" -- I am not sure why I was so skeptical of Cold Cave... my online introduction to the band left me a bit wishy-washy... then I heard the "Painted Nails" 7-inch at the Hospital store... I was still a bit unsure... After a few more spins of the 7-inch at home, with thanks to Dominick, I am coming around more. I think that the key for me is to not think of it as minimal synth in any way -- or to paraphrase something funny that I read online -- that new synthetic rock music that is so popular with the kids these days --- It recently dawned on me that Cold Cave definitely reminds me of another band that I have listened to a lot but have not really latched onto: Xinlisupreme.

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