Thursday, August 07, 2008

I just did another big mail run today. All paid individual orders are in the mail. A couple of distro orders are still pending. Also, it was my first time at my P.O. box in ages. I was totally loaded down with stuff coming home and I will definitely respond to everyone who sent something ASAP.

I received a copy of the new "Exoteric" zine from Aldo Volpe, which includes the most complete and up-to-date BLOODYMINDED interview in ages. "Thanks!" to Aldo...

Once again, check here for details:

I also just got an amazing package from Xavier. Regular and special editions of the new "Timeless." This is no zine, be sure of that. It is a book. A thick one. Lavishly illustrated. Absolutely beautiful stuff. Greg Scott's section on Intrinsic Action, which was meant for release, via Timeless, long ago, was pretty moving to finally see completed. His notations about the photographs and related live shows were really cool to read through. So cool to see Mike from Eyehategod in there... and so many other great pieces of work. The special box set version is pretty mind-boggling. The limited photos and prints - including Peter Christopherson (TG/PTV/Coil), Romaine Slocombe, Stu Mead, etc. - are beautiful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and not just for the obvious connections/reasons...

Contact Xavier via:

eBay Listings

After a small break, due in part to the success of ongoing Discogs listings, I have re-listed the BloodLust! catalog, along with a small batch of rarities, on eBay

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vintage Saint Louis Basement Mayhem

With thanks to Chad Hickman!

Rococo said sweet things

If you want to read about people saying very nice things about me, then look no further than the Rococo Records MySpace page [here] and click on "pics" then "my photos" and then find the four JPEGS on page-two that reproduce an interview ("Relaxing With Rococo Records") conducted by our friend from up north, Rory Hinchey, for Balladry Magazine. I was reduced to becoming the crying girl from below...

A quick write-up about Ahlzagailzehguh + Yellow Tears

I just posted something on page-two of this thread:

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Status - 08/04

Big Post Office run today. All paid orders - including Discogs items - are in the mail. Distro copies of the Envenomist and Fecalove CDs are starting to make their way out.



Last night, I was on a semi-crowded subway car on my way to Animal Law practice, and I saw a pretty girl crying by herself. It was oddly stirring...

"Do you know what your tears do to me..."

Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another long one... For brief write-ups on how I spent my Friday and Sunday nights, feel free to check here:
and here:

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Animal Law on Saturday night with Sexual Freedom and Sseepage. The weather cooperated and it seemed like people had a fun time at the party. Nice turn-out, too.

Sexual Freedom played a tasty set of free, instrumental psychedelia that took in extremes of U.K. sounds ranging from The Bevis Frond to Loop. Miles away from their transitional post-Gays in the Military noise phase. This was mind expanding stuff. Sseepage played next and tore through nine songs in under 15-minutes. Quite the opposite and appropriate follow-up. Then we slogged through five songs, finishing with a special extra-long (!) version of "Above Heaven," featuring none other than Mr. David Reed of Envenomist. David added some ice-cold synth texture to the song, including a really nice extended outro that could have gone on for ages, in my opinion. Even if I was maybe expecting otherwise, we possibly played our tightest set yet, which feels good, as we are preparing to record our debut album very soon. More news on that, soon...

Animal Law
2 August 2008
Chicago, IL

1. "Glisten"
2. "In Fives"
3. "Hurry, Please"
4. "Never Alone"
5. "Above Heaven" (special guest - David Reed)

Success in failure...

Great weekend, overall. Good to have David back, so soon. Various stops at Delilah's, Kuma's (they still had the Bongzilla, happily), Metal Haven (Hellhammer box, finally!)... dry cider seems to rule the summer and much ongoing respect to the Banana Chocolate Vivanno with two shots of espresso.