Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cabin Fever Broke

Quick break between a nice, long brunch with the Michigan crew, before switching gears and heading into the studio with Locrian this evening...

Totally fun night, last night, at the show. The Mopery is the best! Yep, it was embarrassingly my first time there. Major necessity in Chicago. Perfect setting for Dead Machines, The Haunting, Folk & Violence, Bruce Lamont, and Face Worker. Such a great crowd, like a collective cabin fever from this brutal winter simultaneously broke. This was the show that this city needed this weekend! So nice to see lots and lots of friends after a long holiday break...

Great synth from Brett, to start things off. The Wierd Records effect, maybe, sinking further into Chicago's psyche. Sounded excellent!

Bruce had a brief electro-glitch a ways into his set but he recovered and played a transformative piece that continued the theme of mind travel for the whole night.

Of the few F&V sets I have seen, this one towered above... so far above... From free rock to psychedelia to Krautrock passages, it was another set that allowed for escape. New guitarist was a perfect match. Tops!

My first actual live set by The Haunting. Dark electronics mixed with ultra-odd acoustic sounds drawn from Tara's mysterious cans! Insane. Haunting, indeed. Horror soundtracks for dark abandoned factory spaces. And weird cellphone static that oddly fit in the mix. Crazy new Chicago (world?) phenomenon... Happened at Locrian broadcast on Sunday, too.

And finally, another top-notch Dead Machines set. Never too heavy or out of control (same could be said for the whole night) -- just a precise balance of volume, mood, tone, weirdness, shifting sounds... Always a favorite to see/hear live.

Late night limoncello session... stinkbomb discussion. War stories, etc.

And to top it all off, a beautiful piece of Olson art to get up on the walls!