Saturday, February 21, 2009

BloodLust! Interview Series: #31 Sword Heaven Pt. 2

Aaron Hibbs (Sword Heaven, Noumena)

1. What have you been listening to lately?

Shit! We listened to a lot of modern rock on a recent tour. Fucking terrible and absolutely compelling, particularly Alice in Chains, STP, and Puddle of Mudd.

2. Have you been to any interesting concerts recently?

We hosted Diagram A at Skylab the other day. The dude totally slays!

The 6th Annual Miami International Noise Conference. I have attended every year, and always have a blast!

Highlights from this year's INC:

Kenny Millions - 65 year old avant - sax/clarinet player who absolutely shredded his instruments while berating the entire audience. "Go home and suck yr mom's tits you candy asses!"
God Willing - full on bass plow through the new and incredible Churchill's PA.
Small Pox - Urban Tribal Unit featuring Gay Bomb playing and screaming through a couple of paper card readers. heavy beats!
The Twilight Memories of the Three Suns - Somewhere in the realm of French Electro/Acoustic, but way crusty. disparate, abstract jams with a dude chopping wood, squealing tape manipulation, a reeded pvc tube, and a young lady pounding tabletops while squawking indecipherable words.
Laundry Room Squelchers - Of course, Rat Bastards uncompromising noise orgy. the living mosh-pit. no one was safe. fucking brutal!

3. Can you name a favorite film, or two (or a television program), from the last few months?

I watched "Cruising" with Al Pacino after we played a show in Chapel Hill. This movie totally blew me away! I can't believe it was even made! That scene in the leather daddy club where Pacino is huffing and dancing while a dude across the room gets fisted.... unbelievable!

4. Have you read a good book lately?

Occasionally I'll read while I'm taking a shit. It always bums me out when I sit down and there are no printed words in sight. My favorites are bathroom cleaning agents, woodworking catalogs, and Lear's Limericks:

There was an Old Man who supposed,
That the street door was partially closed;
But some very large rats,
Ate his coats and his hats,
While that futile old gentleman dozed.

uh.... I also scoped a cool zine about glory holes and some art books that Jeff from Noise Nomads made. Yeah!

5. Have you attended any recent art shows worth mentioning?

We just started having show in our kitchen. It's called "The Full Force Showcase Gallery." Right now, I'm helping install March's show by Eva Ball. There are only two pieces in the show. This afternoon I'll be hammering in the last nails in the word, 'freedom.' The 2' word is laid-out on the wall with tiny white nails pinning sequins to the surface. Next to that is an inflatable skeleton which has been painted a sickly green. The show looks great under our new track lighting!

6. Do you have any current obsessions of note?

I'm really into physical activity. We have invented numerous indoor games at our house. Among them is a game called Crossfire in which a deflated yoga ball must be throttled into your opponents goal by throwing footballs at it. That shit is FUN!

Also into Ganzfeld practice. It is kind of like a jump start to meditation or nothingness. You cut a ping pong ball in half. Place one half over each eye, then stare into a bright light source. This is done while listening to white noise on headphones. totally tripped out! It effectively cuts off your sensory arousal systems in your brain stem and turns your mind inward. It creates a weird 'outside' zone... disconnected from reality.

7. Please tell me what recordings, projects (any medium), etc., you are working on right now, if anything

I've been mastering tracks for a new Sword Heaven album. It is our first proper studio recording. The challenge has been to balance the cinematic depth in the tracks with a raw, forceful attack.

Also, working on a release that is straight vocals.... like the squealing animal sounds I make in SH.

I have an a capella grunge band called 'rage against the cage' for which I am constantly developing material. "defy-ee-Yi-ee yo-oooh oh-oooh-woah, no --- yeah!"

8. What do you hope to accomplish this year?

I plan to break the world record for Hula Hoop Marathon this summer. It would also be great to finish the deck of cards I have been developing with Carly Ptak. And... a more unhinged, nasty, and brutal incarnation of Sword Heaven.

9. Is there anything else that you would like to mention, announce, or hype?

A family member has recently rehabbed her narcotic addiction! I am very proud of her!