Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Status - 2/4

Still in deep work mode...

Another epic practice last night. Totally wiped out from the session. The band is flexing its muscles... driving established material into extended, improvised territories... so cool to feel, watch, and hear it happen. What's our name?

"Thanks" to everyone who has been stopping by to read the interviews. There has been a lot of traffic these last two weeks. More to come...

Listening of note (or in repetition):
Morrissey "Years of Refusal"
Glass Candy "Deep Gems: A Collection of Singles, B Sides & Rarities"
Martial Canterel "Cruelty Frames Our Age"
Locrian (recent studio tracks)
Vertonen (samples/snippets for newly developing track on "Within the Walls")
Rape-X "False"
The Wilford Brimleys "Stock Optics"
Swans "Soundtracks for the Blind"