Wednesday, March 18, 2009

By Candlelight

Last night's show went extremely well. I have to admit that I was concerned about the Blank Dogs show at Cobra Lounge cutting into our show but as soon as people started filing in by 10:00 PM I was feeling pretty good about things. The turnout was great and The Mopery was the setting for another fun, diverse, and successful show. Golden Sores started things off with a somewhat different type of set compared to the one that I saw/heard at Metal Shaker. Chris and Steve built a more linear - yet still complex - drone that seemed to really draw people in and send them on a bit of a head trip. Not surprising was how skillfully composed it was -- and a perfect length -- long enough to get the job done thoroughly but in no danger of over-staying its welcome. Face Worker -- and again, I sort of expected it -- erred on the side of brevity -- with Brett playing a concise set of beautiful (but no, not necessarily "pretty") analog synth, that this time, started to get grittier and noisier as he drew to a close. Another totally enjoyable performance from him. I am looking forward to what he has up his sleeve, even if his threats of more new-age-tinged music scare me a bit. Bruce, Rita, and I went on third, and based on how I felt during and after our set -- as well as listening to the MiniDisc recording right now -- things appeared to go extremely smoothly for us. I think that our set was more dynamic than the one we played last September at AV-aerie... we planned to have a series "peaks" and calmer passages and I think that it worked out the way we wanted. I feel like I took a more active role this time, too, utilizing more chanted, deep vocals and some nice peels of feedback. It came out to about a 20 minute set, so a bit longer and more varied than the first show, but still somewhere in the "ritualistic" vein... And speaking of ceremonies... I had no idea what was coming with Hair Police... a more electronic and harsher "noise" set than I can recall hearing from them... yet still with passages of insistent, intricate, but understated drumming... and did I mention that the light behind them turned off shortly into their set and after some quick thinking by Camacho, the band played by candlelight. First place award to Trevor for his bass drum 'n amp acrobatics, which resulted in hot wax flying all over the place. I was blown away by their set... now I can't wait to dig into "Totaled and Stranded"... Thanks to everyone at The Mopery, for hosting the show, and thanks to everyone who came out... LOTS of new faces, which was cool. A bunch of finicky espressos later (Connelly has become a legitimate curse on my machine) and after a tasty Mexican brunch, the boys are on their way to Cincinnati.