Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Status - 3/11

- Solid practice last night. Dialed back a bit from the recent four-hour marathon style. Lots of discussion regarding moving forward in the live arena... when, where, with who, etc. Soon...

- Meeting Bruce and Rita tomorrow to finalize plans for next Tuesday's show with Hair Police. Posters are making their way around town, a bit. Being cautious with too much above-ground promotion, especially due to the most recent action at AV-aerie, which was a total bummer to hear about

- Posters for the April 28th BLOODYMINDED show should start circulating later this week

- Another batch of Redrot singles should make it to the Post Office today

- Current office ambiance: Yeah Yeah Yeahs "It's a Blitz!" -- and they have discovered synths and sequencers, it seems... and My Bloody Valentine, maybe?