Thursday, March 19, 2009

Status - 3/19

- As mentioned, the recording of Tuesday night's show came out really well. I have listened to the MiniDisc a few times and I will start working on a cleaned-up edit to share with Rita and Bruce. We have briefly discussed the possibility of going into the studio and this recording certainly points to the potential in doing so

- I am getting a bunch of mail-order and eBay packages together today

- I am down to about 20 copies of the Redrot single. Copies will be on their way to Aquarius and Cold Spring, shortly. If anyone is still dragging their heels on this one...

- The Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck 7-inch is officially "in production" according to the pressing plant. More news on that, as it develops

- Great news: the covers and the posters for the Prurient + Wilt "Blood of the Lamb" LP (B!098) were finally delivered. The pressing plant finally communicated that the lacquers were cut and are being electroplated now, and they expect to run the edition as soon as the stampers arrive. The vinyl could be a week away. I will finally be making a release announcement in a week or so

- Today's office ambiance: The Royal Family and the Poor (complete CD discography)