Thursday, May 21, 2009

Always Wrong

Last night's Wolf Eyes show was excellent. To say that they sounded "dark" seems a bit obvious and simple, but another curve in their evolutionary route has sent them into an even more dismall, richly ominous direction. I heard some things -- some new sound elements -- during their set, which really surprised me in a very good way... particularly the grinding rotor-loop sound that opens "We All Hate You," which is amazing! Getting out of the Empty Bottle pretty late meant that Taconazo and San Juan were both closed, so we went with Birrias Huentitan on North Avenue, which worked quite nicely for late-night tacos and burritos. It was so warm yesterday that we had the first late-night backyard session of the year, which was pretty relaxing, even if the neighborhood was in heavy party mode at 3:00 AM. They just hit the road for Minneapolis, loaded up on multiple double-espressos, so they should make it by lunchtime... Ha ha! Their brand new CD, "Always Wrong" (Hospital Productions), is blasting away in the background and from the cracking electronics of the opening moments, I was hooked..