Saturday, June 20, 2009

Status - 6/20

Based upon pressing plant timing, etc., it looks like I will be dividing the main July releases across two dates:

July 1:
- B!128 The Fortieth Day "Syria: 638 AD" CD
- Super Eight Loop T-shirts

July 15:
- B!127 Locrian "Drenched Lands" LP*
- B!129 Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltija "Anarkkia, Kaaos, Maailmanloppu!" CD

*Due to the limited nature of this deluxe LP -- edition of 200, clear vinyl, letter-pressed two-fold covers, poster insert, bonus 3-inch CD -- and the advance demand that the band and I have already experienced, I will make a pre-order announcement closer to July 1st.