Monday, June 29, 2009

Status - 6/29

- I saw a great Sonic Youth show last night at the Vic Theater. Sold out show... and they had played there the night before, too. Regretfully, I missed White/Light, and I really tried to make it in time to see them. Fuck. Sonic Youth opened with "She is not Alone" from their first mini-LP... a pretty cool choice... and a really interesting version, as the bass/drums combination sounded not unlike Head of David covering Suicide's "Rocket U.S.A." Much of their main set focused on the new album, which had a great energy to it, live. Digging back again, they visited "Confusion is Sex" for another unusual re-arrangement -- of the Kim Gordon led "Making the Nature Scene." Also an interesting choice. Dark. Wow! I am terrible with remembering set lists, but all said and done, with two encores, they also dug back into "Daydream Nation," which among other things, yielded an excellent version of "Silver Rocket," and that made me think of my pal Amadou. Nice to run into different friends there. Fun night. I was really pleased to have the opportunity to go to the show.

- After I got back, I wrapped up organizing the material for the upcoming Pharmakon "sampler" CD that will be released to coincide with the July 13th show. Everything has been uploaded to the manufacturer and a test CD should be here by the end of the week. Margaret let me run wild with the packaging design, and I think that it looks unlike anything else that I have ever done. I just hope that the folks at the duplication facility do not look too closely at the art...

- I am catching up with all of the Locrian LP pre-orders and based upon individual and distro demand, I should be nearly sold out of my allotment. I will announce soon whether people should approach the band for copies, or what... Thanks for the enthusiastic response!