Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nightmares on Art Damage Radio

With thanks to John Rich!

Art Damage Radio
Cincinnati, OH
WAIF 88.3 FM

PLAYLIST - 9/08/09:

Slugfuckers- Death Disco
(from "Cacophony: 1979-1981")
(Harbinger Sound)

Privy Seals- The Sword and the Stone
(from split 12" w/ God Willing)

Julian Lynch- Garden 2
(from split 7" w/ Ducktails)
(Underwater Peoples)

Nightmares- Floating Above the Tracks
(from "Nightmares" 7")
(Bloodlust!/Fatal Beliefs/Malsonus)

Road Race- 70 Minute Adventure
(from "The Adventures of Rocketboy and Egypt")
(North Pole)

Sten Hanson- For Fylax With Love
(from "Text-Sound Gems & Trinkets")
(Firework Edition)

Charlemagne Palestine- Strumming Music
(from "Godbear")

Gown- Early Morning Missing
(from split cs w/ Chapels)
(House of Alchemy)

James Twig Harper- B2
(from "Intuitive American Esoteric Vol. 1")
(Audiobot/Heresee/Ignivomous/No Sides/White Tapes)

Annea Lockwood- Floating in Mid-air
(from "Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World")

Pedestrian Deposit- Impermanence
(from "Austere")
(Monorail Trespassing)

Open City- Engram Sepals
(from "L.A. We Revise Your Neglect")
(Thin Wrist)

Antonin Artaud- Bruitage Et Mon Cri Dans L'Escalier
(from "Pour En Finir Avec Le Judgement De Dieu")
(Sub Rosa)

Leif Elggren- Extraction (excerpt)
(from "Extraction")
(Firework Edition)

Blue Humans- Track Two, Untitled, 29-7-94 (excerpt)
(from "Live in London 1994")
(Blast First)