Thursday, October 29, 2009

10/28 Show Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to support us, to join the celebration of our record release, and to be a part of the Rococo Records 5th anniversary celebration. The event was a perfect example of the taste and diversity of the Rococo folks, and I definitely had a blast! Thanks to Rococo for including us in such a great line-up - and again - for everything that went into creating the "Phases : Three" box set!!! Thanks also to everyone at the Empty Bottle for the excellent sound, the ongoing support, and unfailing hospitality. Hopefully, a few people were into what we did last night... there were definitely some very confused and blank looks on peoples' faces...


October 28, 2009
The Empty Bottle
Chicago, IL

Heber Burguete - Synth
James Moy - Live Mix + Synth + Vocals
Isidro Reyes - Synth + Vocals
Mark Solotroff - Vocals

Set list:
1. "Grain"
2. "Above Heaven"
3. "In Fives"
4. "Glisten"
5. "Never Alone"
6. "Hurry, Please"

(All songs originally performed by Animal Law; "In Fives" recorded by A Vague Disquiet, for Wierd Records)