Monday, October 26, 2009

Status - 10/26

- I just packed up the weekend's orders to take to the Post Office tomorrow

- Anatomy of Habit are quite happy to have just been added to the line-up of another free Monday night show at the Empty Bottle - on 11/30 - which will serve as the release party for Helen Money's new CD

- I attended a great show at The Mopery last night (see below)... solid sets all the way around... and a nice introduction to Dog Lady and Mike Collino's staggering violin work. It was great to see a bunch of out-of-town friends there...

Today's rotation:
- Kevin Drumm "Impish Tyrant" CD (Dagda)
- Regrets "Hope Floats and So Does Shit" cassette (Nurse Etiquette)
- A place to Bury Strangers "Exploding Head" CD (Mute)
- The Flaming Lips "Embryonic" CD (Warner Bros.)