Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mike IX in new book

A new book - The Spiritual Significance of Music by Justin St. Vincent - published by Xtreme Music -- is out now -- it includes chapters featuring Mike IX Williams of EYEHATEGOD , Paul Speckmann of MASTER, Gerald Casale of DEVO, Billy Gould of FAITH NO MORE, Infernus of GORGOROTH, Alex Webster of CANNIBAL CORPSE, Speech of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT + many more.....

"The Spiritual Significance of Music is an exciting collection of exclusive interviews with many of the world’s most visionary musicians and writers. A unique anthology that explores the dynamic relationship between music and spirituality, sharing incredible insights from their experience, knowledge, and wisdom. This book embraces the beauty and diversity of music, providing readers with a tapestry of new thoughts on music and spirituality. Justin St. Vincent has interviewed more than one thousand people, choosing over one hundred responses, to produce a cutting-edge and ground-breaking project for our music-minded generation."