Friday, April 24, 2009

T-Shirt offer for blog readers

Isidro and I are back from the printers -- and a stop at Tio Luis (maybe the second best mole in the city; great in combination with the tinga de res enchiladas) -- and we thought that we would announce the availability of the new T-shirts to those who loyally visit this weblog and who may not be at the BLOODYMINDED show on Tuesday. We have two designs (see below) that are both available in medium, large, or extra-large. These are black Gildan 100% cotton short-sleeve shirts with white printing.

The cost for one shirt is $15.00 USA/$20.00 World, including postage. For a limited time, if you wish to purchase both designs ("flea" + "rat"), $2.00 will be deducted from your order, making the cost for both $28.00 USA/$38.00 World.

IMPORTANT: Please e-mail first to confirm that the size that you want is still available. You will receive a response, ASAP, with payment instructions, etc.

BLOODYMINDED "Within the Walls" T-Shirt Mock-Up 1

BLOODYMINDED "Within the Walls" T-Shirt Mock-Up 2

(click to enlarge)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Mail

I just got back from a final postering run, making the last of the stops prior to next Tuesday's BLOODYMINDED show.

I also took a second trip to the Post Office, so all paid orders for the TDS OGF single that I received before 4:00 PM have been mailed out. Thanks!

Drenched Vinyl

No, not a reference to the sad day in 2001 when my basement flooded... After much planning, the vinyl version of the acclaimed (no really, I have read all of the positive reviews written about the CD version released by At War With False Noise/Small Doses) Locrian "Drenched Lands" album is going into production. The LP will be cut at Chicago Mastering and the covers will be printed at Dexterity Press, the same folks responsible for the handsome covers sandwiching the band's "Greyfield Shrines" LP. More news to follow...

West Side Postal

Garfield Park Post Office + Luigi's = an odd early morning combo.

All paid orders for the TDS OGF 7-inch received prior to 9:00 AM today were just mailed out. Thanks to all of the early supporters.

Also, the master for the Mauthausen Orchestra "High Opinion of Oneself" single was sent to the pressing plant yesterday. More details on that edition should follow soon...

Shipping & Receiving Pt. Infinity

Loading Dock Ambiance:

Death In June "Lesson One: Misanthropy" CD
Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat "Anarkkia, Kaaos, Maailmanloppu!" Cassette

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OUT NOW: B!116 TDS OGF "Champagne and Biological Women" 7-inch

BloodLust! New Release - Now Shipping:

Artist: Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck
Title: "Champagne and Biological Women"
Format: 7-inch (45 RPM)
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 116
Genre: Power-Electronics / Noise / Experimental / Industrial

B!116 TDS OGF 7-inch front cover concept

Pressed in a numbered edition of 200 copies; Black vinyl; Silver labels with black text; Pro-printed, color, fold-over sleeves; 45 RPM; Initially another victim of the recent colored vinyl drought that cut short the private series, I am pleased to finally announce the new single from Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck. Throughout the 2000s, this Boston band (Shane Broderick, Ted Sweeney, and Joshua Hydeman [now of Portland, OR]) has been evolving through the worlds of grindcore, violent power-electronics, and confrontational performance art. I was handed a copy of their "P.T. Barnum's Gallery Of Masturbatorial Disenchantment" CD at No Fun Fest, a few years ago, and after I listened to it, I pretty much knew that TDS OGF and BLOODYMINDED had an enigmatic connection that was worth pursuing, even if I was rather thrown off the scent by their particular brand of humor -- which prevails to this day, as evidenced by the cringeworthy title of the fourth track on this single. An October 2007 Chicago show totally sealed the deal for me. Not since Slogun had I witnessed such a believably violent outburst from a power-electronics group. And TDS OGF had the sound to back up their attitude. The tsunami that rushed out of the massive Suffering Bastard PA that night was every bit as potent as their stage presence. At that point, I knew that a BloodLust! release had to happen. Finally, In March 2008, BLOODYMINDED went to Boston to play the TDS OGF-curated Northeast Regional Noise and Power Electronics Festival (they do like their wordy titles, don't they?), and the necessary bonding was completed. Take that how you will. Band member Ted Sweeney created the two amazing collages that grace the front and back covers, and similar to their excellent 12-inch on Apop Records, this single was mastered by James Plotkin (of Khanate, Khylst, OLD, etc.) for maximum sonic potency. I had no doubt in my mind that they would deliver a concise and ferocious monster. Here it is...


A1. "Covered In Shit" (1:22)
A2. "Down In The Dirt" (2:22)
B1: "Still Erect (...And Definitely Not Leaving)" (1:06)
B2: "Mark Solotroff Built My Hotrod" (1:45)

Price: $10.00 USA/$12.00 Canada+Mexico/$14.00 Rest of World @ postpaid

(Wholesale rates available to distributors, mail-order services, and record stores; please inquire)

Please use for PayPal payments


Is This Thing On?

Although we had some early success in capturing a few Anatomy of Habit practices on analog tape -- utilizing a beloved and now broken vintage boom-box -- thus far, we have been unable to utilize semi-contemporary or even rather outdated digital technology to record some "pre-demo" material. Last night, things started out on a very bad foot, but we seem to have managed to record pretty solid performances of two songs...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Metal

I tried to get through the new Candelmass album, "Death Magic Doom," but I stalled out after a few songs. I listened to the entire new Heaven & Hell album, "The Devil You Know," but I was never a Dio fan, so the process was tedious. It is pretty generic, if you ask me. Right now, I have the Funebrarum "The Sleep of Morbid Dreams" on, and it is classic sounding (early Florida-style) death metal that hits the spot. Next up is Teitanblood "Seven Chalices" which I have only read a bit about...

Tinnitus Maximus

Thanks to Boar, Death Factory, and NTRLWRM. More here

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mauthausen Orchestra Sneak Peek

Mauthausen Orchestra

"High Opinion of Oneself" b/w "Lustful Youth"
Summer 2009

B!125 Mauthausen Orchestra "High Opinion of Oneself" 7-inch front cover

RSD Wrap-Up

Bruce Lamont + Right-Eye Rita + Mark Solotroff
Saturday April 18, 2009
Reckless Records
Chicago, IL

The in-store performance at Reckless Records went really well yesterday. I just listened to the 19-minute recording and I am really pleased with what I heard. We followed a slightly different trajectory with our sound again, allowing for more breathing room, as we had accomplished at The Mopery, back in March. This allowed for greater overall dynamics in the set. I ditched the FX pedals that I used last time, as they seemed like overkill, and I upped the dose of feedback, in a sense. I was pleased to turn around at one point and to see that the crowd had actually grown during our set! It appears that people were drawn into the store because of what they were hearing from out on the street... they were not repelled by the noise... so that is certainly a change... And hey, the store sold out of their stock of our new CD! Thanks to Rita and Bruce, for playing the show with me. Thanks to Dylan and to everyone else at Reckless, for hosting us. Thanks to all of our friends, for coming out to see us.

Our CD (details below) is now available to order directly:
Price: $10.00 USA/$12.00 Canada+Mexico/$14.00 Rest of World @ postpaid
(Wholesale rates available to distributors, mail-order services, and record stores; please inquire)

Please use for PayPal payments