Saturday, May 09, 2009

Reckless Records on Brutal Truth

"GOOD GOD. Simply amazing 2009 rebooting of BRUTAL TRUTH is everything we'd hoped it would be: totally insane riffs (courtesy of new-ish guitarist ERIK BURKE (SULACO, KALIBAS, LETHARGY) & metal veteran DANNY LILKER (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, S.O.D.), crazy drumming, & a varied vocal schooling for these mosh-metal new-jacks that only yell in one voice. The recording on this album is the best part, though, because everything comes through so clearly . . . it's time for maximum grinding. Features guest spots from BRUCE LAMOTT (YAKUZA), MAGGIE RAGER, & MARK BLOODYMINDED. HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, RECOMMENDED!!!!!!"

Aquarius on Locrian

Here is a write-up on the CD version of the upcoming BloodLust! Locrian LP, from the new Aquarius Records list:

Locrian "Drenched Lands"

Somehow this is exactly what we've been hankering for. A sprawling blackened songsuite, equal parts, dark ambience, dense drones, heavy electronics, buzzy lo-fi almost new wave sounding keyboards, spidery post rock guitars and soft noise. Even writing it, that seems like a pretty unworkable, or unrealistic combination, but somehow these Midwesterners make it work. Big time.

They definitely could be considered sonic brethren of bands like SUNNO))), Pussygutt, MZ412, Troum, To Blacken The Pages, Wolf Eyes, Vulture Club and the like. However, Locrian take that sound someplace all their own, creating actual SONGS, as opposed to just soundscapes or drones. And there's a definitely black metal component for sure, no matter how abstract. Guitars are everywhere, seemingly the foundation for Locrian's sound, although as often as the guitars are unfurling spidery post rocky melodies, or distant reverbed riffs, they are also smeared into warm whirling clouds, left to drift and gradually change shape, or pulled apart and allowed to crumble into jagged little shards. Noise in a big component too, often the prettiest parts are treated with a patina of grinding soft focus electronics, or groaning downtuned tones.

The record opens with a gorgeous, elegiac guitar part, simple and stripped down, like it could be a black metal intro, until the organ comes in, wheezy and warbly, giving the track a weirdly lo-fi almost industrial vibe, definitely had us wishing it was in fact more than just a two minute intro.

That is until track two, "Ghost Repeater" takes over. An epic slow motion drift, strange echoey sounds floating in a warm muted sea of buzz and drone, glitched out bits of electronics, and eventually, a very epic black metal riff, that remains off in the distance, repeated and repeated until it too simply becomes another layer of sound.

"Barren Temple Obscured By Contaminated Fogs" (another great title), begins again with some creepy spindly guitar, draped over a deep pulsing low end, before transforming into some seriously abject and WAY abstract blacknoise. Shrieked distorted vokills over that same spidery guitar, Abruptum like ambience meets warped Goblinesque synth drones, the whole track twisted and warbly, eventually the vocals dropping out, leaving the buzzing guitars and wheezing keyboards to play out a super haunting horrorscape. "Epicedium" is delicate and crystalline, noodly guitar lines looped beneath a glimmering softly throbbing drone, peppered with fragmented strums, soon the track begins to grow gradually more and more distorted, the guitars more tense and frantic, the mood so haunting and weirdly beautiful and so subtly dramatic, reminding us of a super twisted soundtrack to some lost Giallo.

The record proper ends with another awesomely titled jam: "Obsolete Elegy In Cast Concrete", tolling bells, space kraut drones, all washed out and shimmery, the bed for some seriously corrosive guitar buzz and grind, adding layer after layer of crunch and rumble, but also slipping to some seriously black chug, joined by still more harsh hellish vox, a strange combination for sure but manages to be both beautiful and brutal, until the very end, where the track shifts gears and becomes all dramatic and melodic and weirdly majestic.

The cd features a bonus track called "Greyfield Shrines", which is nearly as long as all of the other tracks combined, a sprawling slow building blackened world of sound that slithers from hushed drift, to fractured buzz, to woozy moody ambience to blown out speaker shredding crunch, absolutely epic, super cinematic, mysterious, and even at it's noisiest, still quite melodic and blackly beautiful. Most definitely a track that could have been (and we think maybe was) a record all on its own.

LIMITED TO 1000 COPIES. Cool fold over arigato-pack style sleeve, with a full color printed booklet. And for anyone going to the Matchitehew metal/noise festival in Chicago in a few weeks, you'll be able to catch these guys live. a few weeks, you'll be able to catch these guys live.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Status - 5/8

- Awaiting BLOODYMINDED T-shirt re-stock, hopefully late this afternoon

- Packed up a batch of orders to bring to the Post Office today

- Blew off the Glass Candy show last night to be productive and work on some nightmarish synth material, which has had me pretty focused this week

- Pre-run listening: The Horrors, Medio Mutante "Inestable," Enfer Boréal. Tried out the new Fischerspooner, but it did not do much for me


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mauthausen Orchestra Update

I just heard from the pressing plant and the Mauthausen Orchestra "High Opinion of Oneself" test pressings should be on their way to me shortly. Everything seems on track for a release in June. I will announce details regarding ordering this limited edition record as soon as I have a better grasp of an ETA on the pressing and the printing.

Locrian's Gone Green

Clever New Order reference, huh? Since the Locrian "Drenched Lands" LP is mastered and the plating is about done, I will offer up this link to a nice "focus" on several of the group's releases, including the new album:

Anal Cadaver

I ended up blowing off the Anal Cunt show last night at Metal Shaker... I decided to re-watch "The Wrestler" and finish -- at long last -- my work on a collaboration with Cadaver in Drag. I sent them a preview version of a (hopefully final) mix of the song "Leak" that will be the bonus track on the upcoming "Abuse/Breathing Sewage" CD. It seems only fitting to really bust my ass (my throat, really) on the long-delayed and just-a-touch "hostile" song after learning the circumstances regarding why they will not be coming to Chicago next month to perform at the Matchitehew Assembly. On a happier note, at least, I am glad that Air Conditioning will fill the empty slot at the festival. If all goes as planned, I intend to see Glass Candy for the eight-zillionth time tonight...

What a Horror!

It caught me a bit off-guard... this new album by The Horrors - "Primary Colours" - I had a passing interest in 2007's "Strange House" if only for it's (their, really) Birthday Party or Batcave pretensions (look?), but the garage-heavy songs left me a bit flat. The new album has an unexpectedly strange My Bloody Valentine and Krautrock (Can beats) overhaul to it... and a surprising Portishead affiliation... and lots of mentions of vintage analog synths in articles/interviews (yeah, I know, Radiohead shallowly did that about ten years ago)... thankfully, the synth work is well inegrated and not floating on top to show off a rare purchase... and this thing has a pretty amazing swagger to it. This should definitely get me off of Manic Street Preachers and the Death in June singles comp. repeats for a while...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Omnivorous, even-toed ungulates

A relatively quiet day here in the shipping department, so I knocked off for a long lunch with my brother, up at Kuma's. I am not one for making light of other people's misfortune (anymore) but damn if that Swine Flu burger was not just the tastiest thing I have had in a while. It is topped with a cayenne avocado "creme fresh," fried tortilla strips, roasted green chile, (ample) chorizo hash browns, pico de gallo, and a sprig of fresh cilantro.

T-Shirt Couple

Evidence 02: M.+J. Payne - Calhoun, GA
Evidence 02: M.+J. Payne - Calhoun, GA

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

T-Shirts, In Action

Evidence 01: M. Peck - Jonesborough, TN
Evidence 01: M.Peck - Jonesborough, TN

Feel free to send a photograph our way...

Mopery Photos

There are several beautiful photographs from the March 17, Bruce Lamont + Right-Eye Rita + Mark Solotroff show at The Mopery, currently on resident photographer, Karina Natis' Flickr page:

I would definitely recommend spending some time going through her online portfolio, as some excellent images and more familiar faces will pop up as you work your way back.. I have seen Karina take zillions of shots at these shows, so it is no wonder that the editing and uploading process takes some time...

Recent Rotation

Most heavily over the past week:

Manic Street Preachers "Journal For Plague Lovers" CD
Death In June "Lesson 1: Misanthropy" CD (NER)
Throbbing Gristle "The Third Mind Movements" CD (Industrial)
Neuntöter Der Plage "Where The Dead Things Are" cassette (Nurse Etiquette)
Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltija "Anarkkia, Kaaos, Maailmanloppu!" cassette (Triangle)
Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat "Koskemattomuus" (CD advance)

Gaining traction:

V.A. "Ruido Latino Compilacion" Vols. I + II CD
Climax Denial "Escapism" cassette (Sexkrime Arts)
Reptile Worship "Alpha Draconis" cassette (Sexkrime Arts)
Pink Sexdeath "I Wanna Fuck You" cassette (Sexkrime Arts)
[track those three down... smallish editions!]
Enfer Boréal (trying out various tracks/CDs as it is a new thing for me to hear)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Agenda 5/3

Klay Oven (River West) for Indian buffet
- The creamy coconut sauce that goes on the dosai was a treat...

Art Chicago/NEXT at the Merchandise Mart
- It was a bit lacking in excitement for me this year but it was nice to see Terence Hannum's work there, again, especially a painting of a certain Mr. Best hanging up at his gallery!

I am giving a lot of airtime to this new Manic Street Preachers album, "Journal For Plague Lovers." Aside from the title, which should be obvious that it would appeal to me -- and from bringing Jenny Saville's art back into the fold -- there is a somewhat uncomfortable step backwards to a heavier-sounding point in time. While I have been left intrigued but sort of increasingly "blah" by the three albums post-"This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours," I definitely need to digest Richey Edwards' "ghostly" input a bit more, the idea of which simultaneously excites and repulses me...


Too late for Halloween, but this list of "creepy" albums from in Ohio just popped up... I forgot about the line that was quoted... Ha ha!