Saturday, May 30, 2009


Holy fuck! After missing the NYC show in January because it was long sold out, James and I went to see Amebix, last night, with Victims, .NEMA, and Tierra de Nadie, at Reggie's. From start to finish it was a pretty blistering show -- with a good mix of related styles in the line-up. Seeing .NEMA for the first time was really a treat, especially with Ryan Redrot sitting in on bass for them. They were pretty immense sounding. It was great to get to hang out with Ryan at the show, and I think that we clinked cans in "cheers" at least once during every single Amebix song -- they were that amazing! They opened with "Winter" and just bulldozed the jam-packed crowd of crusties. They were ultra-nice guys to talk with, too! It was fun to see a bunch of different friends there and it was especially cool to catch up for a bit with Mr. Mayorga. It is hard to imagine a show that is going to be able to top seeing Amebix, this year... As it was for Killing Joke, last October. Visiting Isidro at work at Sound-bar afterwards? Well, that was a rather odd way to follow a brutal punk show...

Edit: Well, I cannot discount the excellent Tindersticks show from March... just such a different type of concert... Maybe there will have to be a division between softer and harder shows?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bruce+Rita=Mark on Ruido Horrible

And this, also from Ruido Horrible (in Spanish), regarding the Bruce Lamont / Right-Eye Rita / Mark Solotroff CD:

Winter Arrives Early Tonight!

Swine Flu Redux

Isidro and I just left Kuma's and we are both suffering from an extreme case of Swine Flu. We had to make it back another time before the end of the month, as that burger will be disappearing after Sunday...

Neil Jendon on Ruido Horrible

Neil Jendon's "Invisibility" CD has been reviewed on the Mexican noise weblog, Ruido Horrible. With thanks to Sergio!

Mauthausen Orchestra Update 5/29

A payment notice was just sent out to everyone who pre-ordered a copy of the record. In case any e-mails are not received, I am posting the update here:

Thank you for pre-ordering the new Mauthausen Orchestra single on BloodLust! Please submit your PayPal payment to:

($16.00 USA postpaid with First Class Mail / $18.00 Canada/Mexico postpaid with International First Class Mail / $20.00 Rest of World postpaid with International First Class Mail)

The records will be shipped out, as quickly as possible, in the order that payments are received.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ongoing Rotations

- The Church "Untitled #23" (Not a better AM album going, these days)
- Wolf Eyes "Always Wrong" (Ultra-heavy rotation since last week's show here)
- Sunn O))) "Monoliths and Dimesions" (I am pretty surprised by how much I really like most of this album... but does anyone else hear Laibach? And even a guitar riff that reminds me of "Fiat Lux" by Einsturzende Neubauten...)
- Corephallism (Excellent new 3-inch from TDS OGF's Shane)
- Iggy Pop "Prelimnaires" (Trying to get a grip on this... I love the book that it is based on, so...)
- The Golden Sores "A Peaceable Kingdom" (BloodLust! pre-release)

- The Horrors "Primary Colours"
- Ulterior "Kempers Heads"
- v.a. "Michigan"

And as July 13th gets closer and closer, lots of Anatomy of Habit practice session recordings...

Klinikal Skum CD on Expectorant Recordings

Klinikal Skum is Ryan Oppermann of Redrot
Expectorant Recordings is run by James Moy of BLOODYMINDED
There is a great mp3 preview on the website
This CD is highly recommended!

B!126 The Golden Sores "A Peaceable Kingdom" CD

BloodLust! New Release - Shipping Monday June 1, 2009:

Artist: The Golden Sores
Title: "A Peaceable Kingdom"
Format: CD in jewel box
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 126
Genre: Drone / Experimental / Noise

B!126 The Golden Sores "A Peaceable Kindom"

BloodLust! is pleased to release the new full-length recording from the Chicago ecstatic drone duo, The Golden Sores. The group began as an exploratory collaboration between software engineer, visual artist, and composer Steve Fors [unseen|unknown, United Steelworkers Union, blstr] and schoolteacher, label proprietor, and experimental musician Chris Miller [Number None, Th’ Exceptional Child, REBIS] in 2007. Bound by a shared love of red wine, the Kranky aesthetic, and the eclectic recordings of off-beat Christian Rock visionaries Daniel Amos [aka D. A., Dä], the two began their musical partnership in the "pop-drone" group Flux Bouquet. After several well-received live shows, an EP, and a scrapped full-length, Fors and Miller began to indulge their more experimental impulses, giving birth to The Golden Sores. Utilizing a combination of electric and lap steel guitar, salvaged thrift store keyboards, pedals [both broken and boutique], obscure analogue synthesizers, and other obsolete noise-making esoterica, Fors and Miller have forged deep into the realms of drone -- continuing to pursue the perfect marriage of harsh and beautiful sounds, simple melodies, and song structures through spontaneous and ecstatic improvisation. While I [Mark Solotroff, of BLOODYMINDED, etc.] have played a number of shows in Chicago with some of Fors and Millers' other groups, it was while listening to the excellent debut full-length by The Golden Sores - "Ashdod to Ekron" - that the idea first popped into my mind to discuss a release with them. Seeing them play live a while after receiving that CD definitely helped to seal the deal for me. And when a mysterious copy of "A Peaceable Kingdom" landed on my doorstep, I knew that it was certainly time. The new CD, which was mastered for total sonic purity by Carl Saff, sits comfortably amidst both "lighter" and "heavier" BloodLust! releases by Chicagoans Haptic, Locrian, Neil Jendon, and The Fortieth Day, as well between other artists on the label like Envenomist and Culver. Professionally duplicated CD, single panel, double-sided insert; color artwork; in jewel box with shrinkwrap.


1. "Double Gyres" (9:06)
2. "The Awful Rowing Toward God" (8:06)
3. "Klonopin" (6:10)
4. "We'll Wield Fire" (9:23)
5. "Ondine" (5:28)
6. "A Vision" (8:15)

$14.00 USA/$16.00 Canada+Mexico/$18.00 Rest of World @ postpaid

(Wholesale rates available to distributors, mail-order services, and record stores; please inquire)

Please use for PayPal payments


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wierd in the Voice

The Village Voice just published a piece on Pieter Schoolwerth and Wierd Records, in recognition of the release of the monumental new Blacklist album, "Midnight of the Century."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Status - 5/26

- I met Terence from Locrian today to see a test of the "Drenched Lands" LP sleeve, which is shaping up quite beautifully. The letterpress and debossed artwork looks great! Things are getting closer...

- The test copies of The Golden Sores "A Peaceable Kingdom" CD arrived today and they look and sound excellent. We may have copies by June 1st, but if not, they will definitely be ready for the band's CD release show on Sunday June 7th

- I made a run to the Post Office so all paid orders received over the long holiday weekend - barring the Intrinsic Action T-shirts which will be ready to ship on Monday June 1st - have been mailed out

- On a side note, since I was downtown, I made my first visit to the newly opened Modern Wing at the Art Institute. It was like being on vacation, even though the museum and much of its contents are more familiar to me than most things in Chicago, being primarily in the new wing today really made it seem like I was at a museum in another city. It was so nice to see old friends put away for a while... Bacon, Bellmer, Matta, Balthus, Rothko, Hesse, etc... I cannot wait to go back, ASAP..

Monday Minsk

What better way to cap off the long holiday weekend than with a show? Isidro and I were at The Empty Bottle last night to see Minsk, Across Tundras, and Electric Desert. It was a nice mixture of psychedelic and doom styles. Minsk was tight as hell, in an "expansive" and tripped-out sort of way, having just come off a string of European shows/festivals.

Sotos + Best = Dispatch

Those in NYC this weekend (unfortunately, not me) should try to make it to Dispatch on the evening of Sunday May 31 for the launch of "Mirror Me," a new, evolving summer show that will begin with a project by Peter Sotos and Philip Best.

Kai Althoff and Brandon Stosuy
This Summer

Sir Kai Althoff and Sir Brandon Stosuy are currently collaborating on Mirror Me, which will take place at Dispatch this summer. They will be joined by the New York-based black metal act Liturgy, New York artist Lionel Maunz, Chicago writer and musician Peter Sotos, and English artist and musician Philip Best. Brandon lives in Brooklyn. Kai, who splits his time between Cologne, the Catskills, and New York, is dead. He has asked Brandon to give him a tattoo.

122 Henry Street
NY, NY 10002

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Van

Stepping out for a run on Saturday, I paused on the front steps to do a few semi-useful stretches, when a brick-red minivan parked in front of my building caught my eye. The street was unusually empty of cars for such a nice Saturday afternoon, as the Conservatory at the end of the street usually draws a lot of extra traffic to the neighborhood and sometimes visitors are courageous enough or simply just do not know better than to park on my street. The couple in the van were Caucasian, so I immediately associated them with the conservatory. Then I noticed that the woman was fidgeting with something. Then I realized that the object in her right hand looked familiar, as I see them crushed on the ground fairly often as I run out of the neighborhood: a hypodermic needle with orange plastic. In my mid-afternoon haze, I naively and briefly thought that maybe she was diabetic and needed insulin after visiting the Conservatory. Then I saw her vaguely punk or goth hairstyle, her black apparel, and the male driver's tattoos... and I thought to myself, "You moron, she's tying off her left arm and shooting up right in front of where I live." I stood at the top step with my arms folded, about to ask them to show some respect for my home and to find somewhere else to get high... then I realized that "respect" is not a concept that junkies really understand. At that moment, the girl was undoing the strap around her left arm and she happened to glance my way. She then quickly motioned for the driver to pull away... and that was that.