Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nightmares Tour Report 07

News from the cocoon: mild weather today so it is cooler back here. The towels drying on the back ledge are a bit musty, though. Breakfast with the Wasteland Jazz Unit guys was tasty... I had goetta for the first time. Not bad. The car sound has switched from thrash to the first Chrome LP,bringing the pace down a few notches. We are pulling into Columbus so that David can take care of a few things, before we continue driving to Oberlin. I just checked the winning numbers and I did not win the $333 million Mega Millions jackpot. Damn...

Nightmares Tour Report 06

Waking up in Cincinnati. Great show last night. It was my first time playing at Art Damage Lodge and I totally get why people speak so highly of it. Cool to play in a former Masonic lodge, and everyone there is extremely nice to hang out with. And as with Saint Louis, there were people who drove pretty far to see us play, which is amazing to have folks coming from two or four hours away. Pus-Drainer opened the show with a short and brutal set of heavy synth and noise... So good that we demanded an encore, which he complied with...launching into a bass-heavy synth pattern that hit the spot, followed by sheets of harsher noise. Great! French Crips were up next and they played an expansive set of outsider, old-school experimental music from the Option and Sound Choice magazine era, complete with a psychedelic projection that seemed inspired by classic San Francisco colored oil light shows. We went on next and got down to business, hampered only slightly by a bad connection to the PA, which we resolved during our second song. We played four pieces last night and we seemed to to strike a nice balance between atmospheric and heavy moments, denser passages and more spacial parts. We wrapped up with a verging-on-minimal-synth piece that was a pleasant surprise, as my Moog throbbed and David laid down a subtle sequence. Nice! We wrapped up our night next door, at a sort of punk bar called the Blue Rock Tavern. Oddly, a thoroughly intense GLBT nu-metal band was playing...super interesting to watch. They sort of scared away the Hot Topic punks, though. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and thanks to John, Jon, and everyone at Art Damage Lodge for being such great hosts! Off to breakfast and then Oberlin...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nightmares Tour Report 05

It is cooler back here in the cocoon, even with the windows mostly up due to the rain that has been a part of each day, thus far. We had a great Korean lunch this afternoon, with Robert, before heading back to Void to load out. The sound in the car is a continuation to yesterday's switchover to thrash, speed-metal, and early death-metal. Today is a quick drive to Cincinnati...only 30 miles to go...Buffalo Trace...

Nightmares Tour Report 04

Lexington. After checking in at The Void, we joined a very large crew at Ramsey's, a Southern food restaurant, to celebrate Trevor's birthday. After consuming tasty fried foods, etc., we headed back to the skate shop, now a venue post 9:00 PM, to do a show. Cadaver in Drag is up first. Jason "Slim" Schuler solo, wielding a knife, a very jagged cymbal, and various electronics. The knife seems a very bad idea. I immediately think back to Air Conditioning at Matchitehew. No blood is lost, thankfully, but Jason wounded us with a stream of junk electronic noise that filled the room as the crowd began to grow. The male to female ratio is shocking by Lexington standards. Maybe the threat of S.M.E.L.L. was too much for most women. They are definitely something to fear. If Wretched Worst has a name that contradicts their sound, then what can one say about this group? Synth, electronics, drums, and vocals, seemingly designed to repel but ultimately sounding something like a crude version of Cabaret Voltaire's early recordings. Weird, indeed. We were up next and our red lights filled the now pitch black room. We played four songs, the first three of which felt extremely successful in their balance between the three of us...Nicely atmospheric... Cold and dark. Jonathan suggested that we go heavier on the last song, so I pushed things more in the mix and it came out well... Just so long as this does not become a noise thing, it seems like we have room to build a rougher sound, if we feel so moved. Then we went on to celebrate some more at the Side Car. Strange mix of music. OMD. Wings. Glass Candy. Heavy scene. Girls pouring beer on each other. Late night conversation back at the house. Thanks to Robert for getting this show sorted out, for the great flyer, and for his hospitality (Matt, too!). Thanks to Reid at Void for hosting the show. Thanks to everyone who came out to support! Easy drive to Cincinnati later on...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nightmares Tour Report 03

Aaargh... It's hot back here in the cocoon. We are listening to stuff like Obituary, Kiss, Rolling Stones, Kommunity FK... True iPod style. An hour outside of Louisville, so gaining on Lexington, barring any rush hour disasters. My "d" key seems a bit gimpy so please excuse the typos... The edit function is also rather frustrating via mobile.

Nightmares Tour Report 02

Following a tasty Vietnamese meal at Pho Grand, I think that David, Jonathan, and I got off to a pretty good start last night, at Apop Records in Saint Louis. The show was actually upstairs in the store, as opposed to when I played with Consumer Electronics last year, downstairs. Likewise, when David and I were on tour in 2007. Both local acts were well chosen for the night, in my opinion. N.N.N. Cook got things started with a fairly minimalist set up, utilizing cassette players that he mic'ed from above, and some sort of synth module device. Nathan's sound ranged from calmer and more droned-out passages to more heavy, forceful parts. His set definitely had a dark analog feel to it which was quite nice. The Lonely Procession were up second and Kevin and Chris combined voice, electronics, and electric cello to create a dark and tense sound, probably inspired more by 20th Century classical and avant-garde music, than noise/experimental. Ligeti came up in a conversation that I overheard, which make total sense. After only hearing snippets of their music online, it was both nice and rather surprising to hear it in long form. We set up and proceeded to play three pieces, clocking in at about 35 minutes in total. We got off to a slightly heavier start than I expected with the first song, so I tried to vary the mixes of the following two songs to make sure to include the more atmospheric sense of our recordings. I am definitely happy with how it went, considering that it was our first time playing live and our first time playing together at that sort of volume. The crowd's response was very positive and we got a lot of good feedback from people who seem to really know our individual band and solo recordings. Thanks to Jeremy/Ghost Ice for the help with the booking and with live sound, and for his generous hospitality. Special thanks to Tiffany at Apop Records for her willingness to host a mid-week show during such a busy period. Thanks to our Saint Louis friends - and those who drove quite some distance! - for the great support at our debut. Off to Lexington...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nightmares Tour Report 01

On the road to Saint Louis... I am in a little cocoon in the back seat of David's car, surrounded by gear and merch. Yesterday's practice (after a trip to Kuma's of course!) went really smoothly and it sounded great. God knows why we did not record it?! Afterward, David and Jonathan sat in on Anatomy of Habit practice for a while before heading off to the bar. Looking forward to kicking things off tonight at Apop and seeing some STL friends! More to follow...

Monday, August 24, 2009

BLOODYMINDED "Lake Sreet" covered by Foggy Mountain Breakcore

Nightmares Tour Itinerary + Info.

Wednesday August 26, 2009
Apop Records
2831 Cherokee Street
Saint Louis, MO 63118
9:00 PM
All Ages
The Lonely Procession
N.N.N. Cook
Thursday August 27, 2009
The Void
518 E. High Street
Lexington, KY 40502
859.231.VOID (8643)
9:00 PM
All Ages
Cadaver in Drag
Friday August 28, 2009
Art Damage Lodge
4120 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
(3rd floor of the Hoffner Masonic Lodge)
9:00 PM
All Ages
Saturday August 29, 2009
Fairchild Chapel (NOTE: NO LONGER AT THE 'SCO)
50 W. Lorain Street (in Bosworth Hall)
Oberlin, Ohio 44074
9:00 PM
All Ages
Aaron Dilloway + Robert Turman
Skin Graft
Sunday August 30, 2009
L.J.'s Lounge
2114 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48216
10:00 PM
Gate to Gate (Greh Holger of Hive Mind + Mike Connelly of Wolf Eyes/Hair Police)
Hatred (Nate Young of Wolf Eyes/Demons)
Body Collector
Monday August 31, 2009
Viaduct Theater
3111 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
Door: 8:30 PM
Show 9:00 PM
Haptic + Brian Labycz
Face Worker
Tuesday September 1, 2009
The Borg Ward
823 West National Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204
7:00 PM
All Ages
Climax Denial
Anal Hearse
Reptile Worship
Last minute updates may also be found at:
We will have three recordings available at these shows,
while stock lasts. Two items are limited editions, created
exclusively for this tour:
Nightmares "s/t" 7-inch
Edition of 300 on marbled color vinyl
Nightmares "s/t" CD
Edition of 100
Nightmares "s/t" Cassette (C-30)
Edition of 100
Nightmares is a new synth trio formed by Jonathan Canady,
David Reed, and Mark Solotroff.

Canady is known for his dark analog synth fueled solo project, Angel of
Decay, while power-electronics fans know him for his truly brutal band,
Deathpile. Although possibly less-known in the noise world, it is likely
that his most widely heard project is the industrial-metal band Dead
World. He also founded the Malsonus label.

Reed has a musical personality that is finely split into two
distinct-yet-related solo projects: the analog synth-driven Envenomist
and its dark electronic alter-ego, Luasa Raelon. Reed has also recorded
under the name Brittle Foundries, and occasionally using his own name.
He also runs the prolific Snip-Snip label and the newly launched Fatal
Beliefs label.

Solotroff has recorded lo-fi analog synth music under the name Super
Eight Loop, which dates back to 1993. He released 100 hour-long missives
and performed a single live show as S8L, before retiring the name in
January 2009. Solotroff is also known for his bands BLOODYMINDED, The
Fortieth Day, A Vague Disquiet, Intrinsic Action, Animal Law, and the
newly formed Anatomy of Habit. As a synth player, Solotroff has also
played live and/or in the studio with diverse artists including Brutal
Truth, Consumer Electronics, and Wilt. He also runs the BloodLust! label.

The three members have long, entwined histories together, dating back to
the early 1990s, when Canady and Solotroff first met up. When Canady’s
band Dead World was on Release/Relapse Records, Solotroff brought the
group to New York City to play an infamous 1993 show with Intrinsic
Action and Whitehouse. Solotroff also organized several shows with
Deathpile and Angel of Decay, and his BloodLust! label went on to
release numerous compact discs, 7-inch singles, and cassettes by Dead
World, Deathpile, and Angel of Decay. Canady returned the favor by
including what became a universally despised BLOODYMINDED song,
“Moonwalker,” on the groundbreaking Malsonus power-electronics
compilation CD, “The Sound of Sadism.” Canady has also overseen the
graphic design of six Intrinsic Action compact discs and his design
skills frequently keep the BloodLust! gears rolling smoothly.

Reed and Solotroff first crossed literal paths in September 2004, at a
rare show at Chicago’s Viaduct Theater, when BLOODYMINDED played with
the touring projects Hive Mind, Luasa Raelon, and Redrot. The two met up
again at the March 2005 edition of No Fun Fest in Brooklyn, NY, when
Luasa Raelon and BLOODYMINDED both played on the Chondritic Sound stage.
It was not long before Envenomist releases on vinyl, compact disc, and
cassette, began appearing on BloodLust! Solotroff has organized several
more Luasa Raelon and Envenomist shows in Chicago, and Reed even began
sitting in on synth at key BLOODYMINDED shows. Reed and Solotroff
previously toured the Midwest together in October 2007.

Most recently, the three members of Nightmares all found themselves on
the landmark “Wierd Compilation Volume II : Analogue Electronic Music
2008” – a four LP set that was released by BLOODYMINDED member Pieter
Schoolwerth, on his New York-based Weird Records imprint. Canady
appeared as Angel of Decay, Reed as Envenomist, and Solotroff – with
BLOODYMINDED and The Fortieth Day member, Isidro Reyes – as A Vague

With their long history of dark analog synth music, the three members of
Nightmares have united to develop their own type of aural sleep
disruption, characterized by frightening psychological content and
aiming to provoke a strong feeling of imminent physical danger and a
sensation of being trapped or suffocated.

Nightmares: Select Tour Posters

(Click images to enlarge)


Modern Music Guild

Nightmares on Exquisite Dystopia

Exquisite Dystopia

If you are in the midwest Nightmares a new project featuring Jonathan Canady, Mark Solotroff and David Reed will be hitting the road shortly for a brief tour. You can find all the important info here.

Jonathan Canady is best known for his projects Angel of Decay, Deathpile and Dead World. Mark Solotroff best known for Bloodyminded, Intrinsic Action and Bloodlust! Records. David Reed for Luasa Raelon and Envenomist. The three are combining forces for this phantasmagoria of analog synth goodness. I haven’t heard the project yet, but all three do great work on their own so the combination will no doubt be something genuinely special. They also have three new releases which I am sure will be available at the shows.

So if the tour comes through your area check them out. All three are good people, talented people and have been friends or supporters of what I do for a long time.

Nightmares on Apopaganda


I'm really excited about the Nightmares show at Apop on the 26th. It would sound a bit pretentious to call Nightmares a "super-group", but in the world of PE/Noise, it's pretty close. The leather clad gentleman behind Bloodlust!, Intrinsic Action, and Bloodyminded brings his 20 something years of terrorist experience to this project. Jonathan Canady's expertise in dark frightening sounds is no less impressive, just see Deathpile, Angel of Decay or Dead World. He also contributes aesthetically as his artwork graces the cover of the very first 7". If you came to Apop last year to see Mark Solotroff's solo project, then you were also punished by Envenomist. His pedigree may not extend into the past few decades, but his cold industrial works would not be out of place peered with MB. Perhaps you might have caught his tracks on the second Wierd Compilation LP set?--it's a must have, you know.

Nightmares on Brainwashed


David Reed helps bring Nightmares across the USA

Sunday, 23 August 2009
The man behind Envenomist is joining up with Jonathan Canady (Deathpile) and Mark Solotroff (Intrinsic Action) in a synth combo named Nightmares and taking the show on a brief stint across the Midwest. Read on for the full bio and tour dates (click link).

Time Out on Haptic/Nightmares

Time Out

For those curious, haptic means “pertaining to the sense of touch.” The local trio of Steven Hess, Adam Sonderberg and Joseph Mills—all accomplished experimentalists in their own right—uses this outlet to do more extreme noise works and quieter stretches of drone. Electronic improviser Brian Labycz joins the group before a set from Nightmares, a punishing new synth-heavy combo from Bloodyminded's Mark Solotroff.