Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mike Williams + BLOODYMINDED 7-Inch - In-Stock


Mike IX and the Southern Nihilism Front present:
"That's What the Obituary Said" b/w "Ten Suicides"
(Chrome Peeler Records)

$8.00 USA/$10.00 Canada+Mexico/$12.00 Rest of World @ postpaid
Please use for PayPal payments

Mike Williams, vocalist for Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem and author of "Cancer as a Social Activity: Affirmations of World's End" delivers anti-social misanthropic spoken word and power electronics on this limited edition 7-inch.

Side Zero: "Thats What the Obituary Said" a spoken prose piece with ambient backing by Ryan [The Guilt Of...] McKern

The other Side Zero: "Ten Suicides"' originally a BLOODYMINDED track with vocal by Mike IX Williams and now newly re-mixed by Mark Solotroff [Intrinsic Action/

Original artwork by Mike IX. Black with yellow splatter colored vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. Housed in glued, true 7-inch picture sleeve. Please note: these less-expensive copies do not include posters.

Sunday Night Drone

Poster for The Fortieth Day - Live Radio Broadcast - November 29, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

From What I Recall, It Was Great!

Just a quick post to say that I had a blast playing with Plague Bringer on Wednesday night. My thanks to Greg and Josh for asking me to join them for this show. As they have been one of my favorite bands to see and to play shows with, for ages, it was a pretty amazing feeling to be up on stage with them... P.B. has such an intense energy, and to be "within" it was electrifying. We started the set with a brand new intro and song that ran about 20-minutes (!) and that I did vocals and synth on. I used the same set-up as with Consumer Electronics and Brutal Truth -- Roland MC-202 through some delay and distortion pedals. I stayed on with the synth for the rest of the set and then added vocals to the last song. Thanks to Kenny for the great sound and for making sure that my synth did not sputter out of control. Alan, Nate and everyone at Cobra Lounge extended amazing hospitality to us all on Wednesday... again, it is such a great place to play. And what heavy-duty company to play in... Dark Castle, Black Tusk, and The Atlas Moth -- all of whom played great fucking sets! The Atlas Moth clearly was at the top of their game, having just returned home that day after playing over 30 shows on tour. I really enjoyed Dark Castle, who were a bit like Jucifer -- minus the gimmicks and on crusty steroids... and still loud as fuck with a fraction of the amps. And speaking of amps... after all of the bands had loaded in, the majority of the room was taken up by gear... it was ridiculous! The staff had to move booths and tables so that the equipment could be moved out of the way to accommodate what quickly became a packed house. The perfect kick-off to a busy weekend of shows, feasts, etc...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

See You...

In The Pit, Tonight...

Plague Bringer - November 25, 2009 - V1

Plague Bringer - November 25, 2009 - V2

Now Wierd is Six

Congratulations to Pieter!


This week WIERD is proud to celebrate the 6 year anniversary of the WIERD weekly party! It was exactly this day in 2003 that yours Very Rarely and M. Gilles LeGuen did our first event of what was a few weeks later to be named as the WIERD...and this fragile, frozen cold ship is still afloat :) Tonite will also be our beloved long time friend and DJ Jeralyn aka Veryrarealyn who is coming down from cold wave Boston to team up with Micki and Sean of Cult of Youth on the wheels of the WIERD, and Brooklyn's newest band in the minimal electronic lexicon YOUU will make their live debut straight off the bus from dark synth Detroit at Midnight!

Also above all in importance I'm happy to say the LPs/CDs for the debut albums from Xeno & Oaklander and Led Er Est are now eminently available! More info and soundclips are on the website:

For all our ever-supportive European friends, seeing as the sad dying abyss that is the US Postal system just announced international rates will be again jacked through the roof in Jan., officially making it more $ in post for one LP to Germany than the LP itself, I wanted to encourage you all to support the various WIERD Records distributors in your homelands who should all have most of the WIERD records catalogue and distro items by the end of next week. Save yourselves some serious cash and support these guys who truly are the ones keepin WIERD's blood flowin cold...:
Germany: Anna Logue Records -
UK/All Europe - Cargo Intl. -
Belgium: Wool-e-Shop -
Netherlands: Sounds For Sure -
France: Vulcanoid -
Italy: Mannequin Mail Order -
Spain: Redrum Distribution -
Portugal: Deadly Soundz Inc. -
The WIERD World is takin over Art Basel Miami next Thursday Evening for the 2nd ever installment of the epic production Cold Wave Musical Theatre we will be proudly entitle as 'The Pleasures of Xanten'. This excellent event will feature an all-star cast inclusing Xeno & Oaklander, Martial Canterel, Epee du Bois, Staccato du Mal, and Opus Finis all playing together for over an hour in various formations and configurations! This party will truly be quite the international 'FĂȘte Froide' as the list of sponsors and allies involved now includes Miguel Abreu Gallery/NYC, Andrew Kreps GAllery/NYC, Galerie Daniel Bucholz/Cologne, DE, Sutton Lane/London-Paris, and Rental Gallery/Los Angeles. This event begins at 10pm and is open to all, more info and the official invite are up here:

Next Tuesday evening Agnes b., Jean-Francois Sanz and the whole crew from Galerie du Jour in Paris will be returning to the city to wrap up production on the NYC wing of the 'Des Jeunes Gens Modernes' feature film documentary begun back at the PS1/MOMA event we did together back in July. For this particular party James Chance from the legendary NYC No Wave band The Contortions will open the show, followed by a VR live performance which will be captured on film from our beloved Mr. Martial Canterel. This event will take place at none other than legendary stylist and international night life persona Maripol's downtown loft, and will feature appearances from many amazing figures from Parisian Vague Froide and well as NYC No Wave's past including Edwige, Yves Adrien, and Maripol herself. There are only a limited number of people to fill out the space, anyone interested can reply to this with 'RSVP and your name' and we will reply with the info on address, time etc. More info on this project here:

The LA Weekly's wrap-up of last week's WIERD Festival each day is online and the photo archive has been updated:
WIERD Festival Pre-Party at Medusa Lounge, Hollywood:
Led Er Est 'Dust On Common' Record Release Party:
LA Weekly Days 1-4:

Enough...see you all this evening...VRp
PIeter, Jeralyn, Micki Fingers, and Sean Ragon Spin the WIERD 6 Year Anniversary!
(VR Live Performance by YOUU at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chryste St. @ Delancy St., NYC

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AoH + Helen Money Show Announcement

We hope that you can join us on Monday November 30, as Anatomy of Habit is excited to return to the Empty Bottle to open for heavy cellist Helen Money, in celebration of her new record on Table of the Elements. Local etherialist Fielded opens this night of free music.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!
Dylan, Greg, Kenny, and Mark


Monday November 30, 2009

The Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

9:00 PM

Helen Money

Anatomy of Habit



Event Links:


Poster For November 30, 2009 Show


With a mere five shows under their collective belt, Anatomy of Habit worked on their first recording throughout the month of October and have continued the process in November. After their initial live outings, people mentioned diverse groups, including Joy Division, Swans, Einsturzende Neubauten, Unsane, Bauhaus, My Bloody Valentine, Black Sabbath, The Cure, Jesu, and Death in June, when attempting to describe the band. Part post-punk, part death-rock, part early-industrial, part noise-rock, part shoegazer, and part full-on doom-metal, this list of bands at least begins to describe where the powerful five-piece group might be coming from. Anatomy of Habit formed in October 2008, following the dissolution of the group Animal Law. Blake Edwards (metal percussion), Dylan Posa (drums), and Mark Solotroff (vocals) [all formerly of Animal Law] joined forces with Kenny Rasmussen (bass) and Greg Ratajczak (guitar) — the duo originally slated to engineer and produce Animal Law's abandoned debut album. The band plans to release their first mini-LP in early-2010, while continuing to hone their live sound on a steady basis.


Anatomy of Habit - Photo Composite for Press
Left to Right:

Greg Ratajczak - Guitar (also of Plague Bringer)

Blake Edwards - Metal Percussion (also of Vertonen, ssseepage, Burrow, Series Founders, Crippled Insectual, ex-Animal Law)

Mark Solotroff - Vocals (also of BLOODYMINDED, The Fortieth Day, A Vague Disquiet, Nightmares, ex-Super Eight Loop, ex-Intrinsic Action, ex-Animal Law)

Dylan Posa - Drums (also of Dylan Posa and Three Cheers for One Dead Man, ex-Cheer Accident, ex-Flying Luttenbachers, ex-Brice-Glace, ex-Animal Law)

Kenny Rasmussen - Bass (also of Radar Eyes, ex-No Funeral)


Upcoming Shows:
December 17, 2009 - The Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL - with
Arriver, Across Tundras


Do you have photos or video of AoH? If so, please get in touch via:

Plague Bringer and AoH picked by Crustcake


Crustcake Show Picks

Photo and picks by guest blogger Carmelo Espanola (CHI)

Plague Bringer

Aaah, it's that time of the year again. Where friends and family gather together to celebrate the long revered tradition of Thanksgiving. Where we sit down on the table and eat traditional fare such as turkey (or tofurkey for our veggie friends), green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. Where our siblings would talk on and on about how successful they are in their careers. Where our childhood friends force us to play football outside in the cold. Where we stay up all night so we can go get trampled upon by crazy soccer moms at Best Buy...

...but for those of us Chicagoans who dread having to go do these totally un-metal activities during this holiday, have no fear! Despite the rather empty streets, there is actually a good number of shows to go to during this week.

On the night before Turkey Day, Georgia's Black Tusk and Florida's Dark Castle are playing a free show at the Cobra Lounge with local favorites Plague Bringer (pictured above) and The Atlas Moth. On the other side of town, Baroness are bringing their southern flavored metal to Reggie's Rock Club with the doom of Earthless from Maryland and U.S. Christmas from North Carolina. Your wide eyed folks might just ask you where you got that new beard from.

After Thanksgiving, noise rock OG's The Jesus Lizard play 2 sold out shows at the Metro on Friday and Saturday. David Yow and the dudes have been destroying eardrums for over 20 years, and they can surely still kick everyone's asses as evidenced earlier this year at Pitchfork, Fun, Fun, Fun Fest and the Vice anniversary party. Be prepared for David Yow's balls to land on your face. Hard.

Not lucky enough to get into one of these Jesus Lizard shows? Dude Fest alumni Weekend Nachos are gonna kick off their west coast tour with a show at the Albion House on Friday. This is a tiny basement, and the Nachos put on a ferociously wild show wherever they go, so don't be surprised if you get caught in a sweaty pile-on with a bunch of crazy dudes and dudettes.

Need a breather from all the craziness? The Empty Bottle hosts a free show with the cello-powered drone riffs of Helen Money, the Death In June meets Black Sabbath sounds of Anatomy of Habit and the experimental musings of Fielded. However, if you prefer to continue the wild and crazy pace of the weekend, Japanese pyscho-grinders Melt Banana will satisfy these at the Bottom Lounge with Triclops! and 97-Shiki.

To cap this week off with a bang-OVER, Municipal Waste will decimate Subterranean with Off With Their Heads, Phobia and Cauldron. Stage dives, circle pits, sing alongs, and all out tomfoolery are mandatory.

Have a safe holiday and enjoy the shows!


Wednesday November 25 - Black Tusk, Plague Bringer, The Atlas Moth, Dark Castle @ Cobra Lounge (FREE)

- Baroness, Earthless, U.S. Christmas @ Reggie's Rock Club

Friday November 27 - The Jesus Lizard, Model/Actress @ Metro

- Weekend Nachos, Like Bats, The Catburglars, RazorxFade @ Albion House

Satrday November 28 - The Jesus Lizard, Triclops! @ Metro

Monday November 30 - Helen Money, Anatomy of Habit, Fielded @ Empty Bottle

- Melt Banana, Triclops!, 97-Shiki @ Bottom Lounge

Wednesday December 2 - Municipal Waste, Off With Their Heads, Phobia, Cauldron @ Subterranean

Trimming The Fat

I deleted the "BloodLust! Presents" blog, as it seemed redundant to me, and my ambition to organize and promote more shows has been curtailed by increased work on my label, my bands, upcoming recordings, etc.

Advance Notice - 01/03/10 - BLOODYMINDED

Poster for January 3, 2010 show

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Week Ahead

- Tuesday November 24: Haptic + Lisa Slodki (AKA Noisecrush) at MCA (7:00 PM) -- also David Daniell plays in MCA Puck's Cafe at 6:00 PM
- Wednesday November 25: Plague Bringer at Cobra Lounge with guest Mark Solotroff (Last night brought a marathon six-hour long practice with Plague Bringer, in preparation for Wednesday's show. Their epic new track, which I will play synth and sing on, is amazing!)
- Thursday November 26: gorge on turkey and pumpkin pie
- Saturday November 28: P.NG5361.B AKA Sshe Retina Stimulants arrives in Chicago
- Sunday November 29: The Fortieth Day (Isidro Reyes + Mark Solotroff) + Sshe Retina Stimulants + Terence Hannum (of Locrian + Unlucky Atlas) play live on WLUW 88.7 FM (10:00 PM)
- Monday November 30: Anatomy of Habit with Helen Money and Fielded at The Empty Bottle

Sunday, November 22, 2009

AoH + Helen Money Show Press

From The Onion/A.V. Club:

event: Helen Money [pick]

Also Playing: Anatomy Of Habit and Fielded


Nirvana and MTV Unplugged have long since made the inclusion of cellists in rock music far from novel, but Chicago-based cellist-composer Alison Chesley's (a.k.a. Helen Money) dedication to making it a viable non-stuffy instrument is hardly a gimmick. Aside from getting a master’s degree in cello performance from Northwestern in 1994, Money is also a staple at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio and played in the long-running but sorely underappreciated band Verbow, which helped pioneer the cello as a rock instrument. Her work on that front continues this decade as a solo artist, and this record-release show for her sophomore effort In Tune exemplifies her dedication to the instrument: Chilling, unsettling, and engaging, the cello has never sounded more transfixing.

Damn, I think that AoH was downgraded...

From Time Out Chicago:

Helen Money, the nom de string of cellist Alison Chesley, cranks her instrument through a guitar amp and pedals for a thick, heavy and entirely eerie instrumental sound. Tonight, she bows behind a new album, In Tune, released on forward-looking label Table of the Elements. Supporting is Anatomy of Habit, the new noise semi-supergroup fronted by BLOODYMINDED's Mark Solotroff.

Status - 11/22

- I did a big mail-run on Friday evening, so all paid orders are up-to-date. Crazy week for orders... thanks so much!

- I attended a really good show on Friday at The Mopery, organized by Mike from Death Factory. I think that the line-up was as follows:

Sun Splitter
Death Factory (Mike + Arvo)
Burial Hex
Soliday/Golen (2/3 of Winters in Osaka)
New Pledgemaster
Skin Graft

Here is what I posted on the noise forum:

"Fuck yeah! Probably the best noise+ show I've attended all year. Great to see Burial Hex again. Awesome to see Jerk back in action. Can't wait for Sun Splitter through the Empty Bottle PA on 1/3. Skin Graft is always a welcome scummy bad omen. PE Paul dished up disgusting feedback frequencies and cracked open a beer in the fucking liquor store. Ha! PTM Jim drilled a massive hole in the sky. Jason and Mike tore it up their own way. And Mike and Arvo showed a brutal side of the death-industrial coin. Some fun music afterward at Continental and a ride in a PT Cruiser. What a night..."

I just played a nicely packaged Sun Splitter CD that comes in a metal tin with circular artwork elements inside... killer! About to dig into the new Skin Graft single on A Soundesign Recording (David Russell from Jerk's high-caliber label)... high expectations after a string of disgusting tapes and the excellent "Blackout" LP on Tusco/Embassy...

- Off to practice with Plague Bringer in a few hours, after a nice run. 54-degrees and sunny. You know this is the end of that sort of weather...