Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Early February Rotations

Tinderstcks "Falling Down A Mountain" (still fairly non-stop)
Crippled Black Phoenix "200 Tons Of Bad Luck" (plus everything else... perfect for snowstorms)
AFCGT "AFCGT" (more and more...)
Vom "Primitive Arts" (fuck yes!)
Culted "Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep"
Robedoor "Raiders" (had not really gotten into them before... pretty direct Psychic TV "Unclean" feel to the opener, but not in a bad way...)
Liars "Sisterworld" (not quite sticking...but still in light rotation)
Clipd Beaks "To Realize" (plus earlier releases... sort of Liars clones, but not just)
Massive Attack "Heligoland" (err... not really thrilled by this at all)

The Puritan "Lithium Gates"
These New Puritans "Hidden"
Aderlating, Cult Ritual, Black Mountain Transmitter, Dark Castle, Imaad Wasif, Taranis, Twin Stumps, Wicked King Wicker

A time when life was simpler?