Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Status - 2/17

- Anatomy of Habit will be in the recording studio tonight, with Andrew from The Atlas Moth at the controls. We got a nice recording of Monday's show, which should help us as we do the final pre-production work for "After The Water."

- I went to Kuma's last night with Isidro, as bday observance continues. The burger of the month -- Sigh -- was a welcome break from some of the "sweeter" selections, of late. The ground pork worked really well and the burger had a nice kick to it: "Topped with Asian ground pork seasoned with oyster sauce and chile; sauteed celery, scallions, water chestnuts, garlic and ginger; and fried won ton strips." We got the best batch of mussels ever there, too, last night! Come to think of it, I probably have not listened to Sigh since their third album came out, but I have heard good things about the new one...

- I just heard that Cold Cave and Hair Police canceled the rest of their USA tour. Locrian let me know that they will still be on the bill at The Empty Bottle on 2/25... with more acts TBA... That will probably be the first opportunity for Chicago folks to pick up the new "Territories" LP.